21 Aug 2022



Il Posto organizes annual courses of vertical dance in Venice and Marghera, Italy

Vertical and Suspension Training (VST) is a method created by Wanda Moretti, initially developed as training for dancers of the Il Posto Company, later becoming an internationally recognized training practice. The method consists of a set of practices developed over more than 30 years of vertical dance and the need to contribute to the spread of this form of dance, it's a specialized and unique studio aimed at vertical dance. 

VST is a method that uses the gravity and weight of the body to perform exercises of propioception and conditioning of the body.  Develop the ability to recognize the position of your body in space regardless of the use of vision and the state of contraction of your muscles. Static and mobile perception, balance and support, useful progressions and highly specialized routines to prepare the movement of the body in a position perpendicular to the vertical plane. 

Are you interested in the annual study program, intensive workshops for professionals, masterclasses and artistic residences at IL POSTO? Write us danzaverticale@ilposto.org