29 Apr 2021

Legs On The Wall





After the setbacks of COVID kept us apart last year, it was just magic to welcome Legs' own Debra Batton back to the Red Box recently. Were we thrilled beyond words? Yes, we were. There's so much more to share about this exciting new work in development, featuring Deb and a stunning company and creative team. Watch out for more updates coming soon.

Debra Batton in development in the Red Box. Image: Robert Catto

Also joining us on this recent development was our Leg Upper Emily Lecky. Emily is a movement based performer and rigger with a strong background in tumbling, dance acrobatics and aerial arts. She was named National Showtime Champion at Miss Lyra Australia in 2019.


“you know that butterfly feeling in your belly 

where you can’t really tell if it’s fear, excitement, or both?”


Read more from Emily here.

Miss Lyra Australia | Peter Thurgood Photography


Be sure to come and join us for our free performances of TRESTLE next weekend!


Love, team Legs. 

Legs On The Wall acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we regularly work on -
the Wangal and the Gadigal peoples of the Eora Nation - and the traditional
custodians of the lands on which we live and tour.
Legs On The Wall is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW

Aeriosa Dance Society



Habitats and Camouflage
Click to view Moth Transmissions Trailer
After a long creative break, we have been gearing up to continue collaborating with Winnipeg-based Visual Artist Sarah Fuller on an intriguing project and experiential new site work called ‘Habitats & Camouflage'. 

This upcoming piece explores the camouflaging quality of moths in their natural landscapes. Large hooded capes with photo-transcribed images of moth markings are worn by Aeriosa dancers who blend and disappear into the trees and surrounding environment. The moth capes were created out of composite photographs designed by Sarah, which she based on the Sand Verbana Moth, an endangered coastal moth found in only three sites in BC and a few sites on Washington's NW Coast.

'Habitats & Camouflage' will feature an original soundscape by Winnipeg-based singer/songwriter/composer Keri Latimer. The collaboration between Sarah, Aeriosa artistic director Julia Taffe, and  Keri began with  Sarah's 'Moth Transmissions' video project which imagines a mysterious long-distance communication between a Sand Verbena Moth in the Pacific Northwest Coast and an Underwing Moth on the Prairies. Julia and Sarah shot footage simultaneously on the West Coast in Tofino and Birds Hill Park in Manitoba last May, when they had to postpone creating and producing the live Aeriosa performance of 'Habitats & Camouflage'.  Keri's magical  sonic environment weaves the fantastical settings and movements together in Sarah's video and we are thrilled that the work is now complete. 
The 'Moth Transmissions' collaboration provided much needed energy and joy during the challenges these times present. On that note we are sad to announce we have to postpone the Tofino Tree Festival again this year, and with it the premiere of 'Habitats & Camouflage'. The pandemic is not over. We will head back into our cocoons for now, consoled to know that 'Moth Transmissions' will be lighting up screens in the very near future...so tune your dance antennae for an exciting premiere announcement soon...and in the meantime check out kerilatimer.com and sarahefuller.com to learn more about these amazing artists we are so fortunate to dream with!

Current/Dance Community
Aeriosa returns to rehearsals in the theatre

Click to watch a brief video of Aeriosa dancer Aly Fretz back in rehearsal at 
The Scotiabank Dance Centre in Vancouver last week.
Last week Aeriosa dancers and crew returned to rehearsals in the theatre doing double duty developing new aerial dance skills while cautiously implementing Covid-19 safe workplace protocols and getting back into (new) harnesses after an extremely long break.

We spent four soul-affirming days at the Scotiabank Dance Centre in Vancouver practicing with a finely tuned rigging system that was new to most of the company. The dancers were rightfully jazzed to be flying high and working hard. We began creating material for 'Dance Me to the End of Love: The Leonard Cohen Project', a live stage show featuring a stellar roster of BC musical talent that we hope to premiere on stage at the Vancouver Playhouse in April 2022.

Of course, everything is subject to change these days depending on safety, so lets keep our fingers crossed that we can gain herd immunity and find ourselves shoulder to shoulder with kindred crowds in the theatre sooner than later!
Throw back to our workshop with HCMA Architecture + Design
in the Faris Theatre at The Scotiabank Dance Centre in March 2019.
Aeriosa is often inspired by nature. When dancing outdoors we regularly encounter other species. This next column is dedicated to learning about our friends in flight.
Featured Feathered Friend 

'Akohekohe' Crested Honeycreeper; Palmeria dolei

This article contains text excerpted from
Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project Website
To learn more about akohekohe, follow this link

to support Nā Koa Manu Conservation
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27 Apr 2021

Call out to vertical dancers

The research is focusing pedagogical practice and skill acquisition for the vertical dancer.

The questionnaire will create a framework for the interview to be done via zoom or teams and will delve into your practice and methods by which you learn, language and vocabulary you use aiming to identify best modes of practice for teacher and participant.

I am interested in hearing from all practitioners from any background and any experience, and welcome hearing from you.

Please touch base by May 15th 2021.



19 Apr 2021

LIVE STREAM IN - CONNECT + ION - Adrián Castelló




ONLINE | 6,50 € / SOLIDARITÄTSTICKETS: 10 € / 16 €

The stream is provided via the video portal Vimeo - with the purchase of the ticket at KölnTicket you 

acquire access to the stream. One hour before the event, you will receive an e-mail with the access data to 

retrieve the video stream.

Ticket sales end 30 minutes before the start of the respective event.

Adrián Castelló



A dance narrative about the connections that define our lives. This project looks at dance as a social 

reflection of our biochemical being. Emotions, instincts and the dancers' movements are represented in the air 

and act as if in atomic relationships: they are charged, multidimensional, changeable and react directly to each

 other. In the juxtaposition of nature and culture, a parallel can be drawn from the reaction of an ion in its 

connection to others and the movements of the dancers to each other. Contemporary dance and aerial theatre

 meet, dance is extended by one level and is thus able to create moving metaphors of tolerance, freedom and 

dependence in the air. 


Adrián Castelló was born in 1983 in Alicante (ES). After graduating with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in

 Biology, he obtained his Tïtulo Profesional de Danza Contemporánea at the State Conservatory of 

Dance in Valencia (ES) in 2009. Through instructors such as Anton Lachky (BE), David Zambrano (VE)

, Rakesh Sukesh (IN) and engagements in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany, he developed a rich 

repertoire of contemporary technique, floor work and dance theatre. Adrián also practices acrobatics 

on the scarf, trapeze and ring, which he learned while working with Zoppis Circus in Rome (IT). In his 

own works he created his individual dance style by combining contemporary dance and aerial 


He has been living in Germany since 2013 and is engaged here as a choreographer, choreographic 

assistant and dancer at the Cologne Opera, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf-Duisburg, the 

Dortmund Theatre, the Bonn Theatre and the Aachen Theatre. Adrián has been a member of the 

Cologne dance house TanzFaktur since 2014, where he regularly teaches contemporary dance.

Since 2015, Adrián has worked regularly with the international company La Fura dels Baus, directed 

by Carlus Padrissa, as a choreographic assistant and dancer, as well as freelancing with companies, 

photographers and other artists from various disciplines, including Tatraum Projekte Schmidt, Kristóf 

Szabó / FACE Visual Performing Arts, and Theater der Keller. As a choreographer, he has performed 

his own dance productions: "Dis cover" (2014), "Überräume" (2015), "Inability" (2016), "Irrmitation" 

(2017), "IMNE" (2018), "INTER.PHASE" (2019) and "INSTINKTIV" (2020).


Concept / Artistic direction / Choreography: Adrián Castelló

Chorus. Assistance: Malin Gebken, Karoline Strys

Dance: Lena Visser, Manuel Kisters, Simone Kieltyka, Geraldine Rosteius, Adrián Castelló

Dramaturgy: Caroline Schilling

Outside Eye: Julia Riera

Stage design / Costumes: Katrin Lehmacher

Video: Cornelius Schaper

Musical arrangements: Nadine Witt

Lighting: Jan Widmer

PR: Ellen Brombach

Project management: Winfried Hoffmann 

Supported by: NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Ministry of Culture and Science of the 

State of NRW, City of Cologne Cultural Office, RheinEnergie Kultur Stiftung.

Partners: Kölner Seil Kommando, TanzFaktur.

Supporters: Barnes Crossing, Hafen Akademie, ANGELS Aerials.

18 Apr 2021

Blue Lapis Light


Dear BLL Community,

Our Online Auction has begun! Start bidding today through Sunday, April 25, 2021 to support our Youth Taking Flight Program which teaches aerial movement to teens and foster youth!
The Perfect East 
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Enjoy a night at the beautiful East Austin Hotel in a poolside room along with a $50 gift certificate for dining. This boutique Austin hotel is locally owned, operated, and loved in the heart of the bustling East Austin neighborhood. 

Becker Vineyards Wine Tasting Package 
Enjoy a virtual wine tasting from our Texas Hill Country winery, Becker Vineyards. Each set embodies bold flavors from a variety of wines that include one Primavera, one GSM, and one Cabernet Franc Reserve from Week 52 Virtual Tasting. 

Donation opportunities also include options to contribute to a year long aerial dance scholarshipprovide a dancer's performance costume and support our riggers. Thank you for all the ways you contribute to Blue Lapis Light.
Deepest Gratitude,
Sally pic & sig
Sally Jacques
Artistic Director of Blue Lapis Light