3 Dec 2023



We invite you to join us in seeking awe in the everyday.


  How might our togetherness help us weather the precarious times we are flying through?

Dearest BANDALOOP Supporter,

Last month, flying in a gigantic “V”, a flock of about 200 Canada geese sailed over our rehearsal wall at the Breuner Building in Uptown Oakland. Company members gasped in rooftop awe at this huge community of birds expressing an elegant, slowly shifting choreography in the sky. If only the world below functioned as such.

For much of this past year, and quite a bit recently, we have been thinking about flocking behaviors. As a company of airborne dancers the flocking essentials of listening, cohesion, cooperation, and mutuality create spatial belonging and allow us to find our way through challenges together. As human beings, these same essentials help us to better understand each other and ultimately co-exist in harmony. 

Join BANDALOOP this year as a donor and flock with us. Together, we can help each other to weather the precarious times we are flying through. Like the birds, we inspire awe in the world, help people to see things differently, and give beauty back to our community. It is these qualities of our togetherness that leads to our highest vision of BANDALOOP. We ask that this giving season, you consider a donation to BANDALOOP at an amount that is meaningful to you.

Your support gives us wings and in this end-of-year campaign your gift will help to lift our scholarship fund. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to triple the fund and support 100 students in vertical dance education regardless of financial abilities. Donate today, give the gift of flight to local learners of all ages, and help us to flock more fully together.

Thank you for supporting BANDALOOP!

With Wings Spread Wide, 
Melecio Estrella
Artistic Director, BANDALOOP

We appreciate your support! BANDALOOP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Donating to BANDALOOP is simple and can be done by credit card via the link below.
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29 Nov 2023

Zaccho Dance Theatre



Giving Tuesday is a global day of generosity to celebrate our humanity. On this day, November 28th, we encourage you to support the causes you care about, the causes that impact community, and those that make a difference.

During this season of giving, Zaccho Dance Theatre has launched a GoFundMe Campaign to support our next site-specific performance work, The People's Palace

Co-presented by Zaccho Dance Theatre and Dancers Group, The People’s Palace is a new site-specific installation performance inside San Francisco’s iconic City Hall scheduled to premiere in May 2024.

The People’s Palace is an artistic intervention with City Hall’s Beaux-Arts Roman and Greek iconography. Aerialists and performers will interact with the architecture and large scale projections, transforming these symbols into new, more inclusive narratives that more accurately reflect San Francisco's diverse and dynamic cultures and community. Through performance, music, storytelling, and immersive technologies, The People’s Palace invites the audience to actively engage these new narratives, to see themselves within the broader context of the city, and to appreciate the richness of diverse perspectives.

Your tax-deductible donation will directly benefit The People's Palace’s creative collaborators!

Directed and choreographed by Joanna Haigood, this work is being developed in collaboration with composer Marcus Shelby, visual artist Mildred Howard, scenic designer Sean Riley, rigging designer David Freitag, lighting designer Krissy Kenny, projection designer Aron Altmark, indigenous culture bearers Gregg Castro and Jonathan Cordero, and performing artists Veronica Blair, Ciarra D’Onofrio, Erik Lee, Nina Sawant, Saharla Vetsch, Tristan Ching Hartman, Jocelyn Reyes, and The Skywatchers Ensemble.

Take action this Giving Tuesday and give to Zaccho Dance Theatre today.

With Gratitude,

Joanna and the Zaccho Team

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20 Nov 2023

LaGlo Zirko Dantza