18 Dec 2021

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Group of Scarabeus staff, board members and advisors waving in front of Prospect Cottage, home of Derek Jarman, surrounded by autumn colours of foliage
As the year comes to a close we've been reflecting on our 2021 and couldn't help but do a happy little dance to celebrate all the things we managed to achieve. The second year of the pandemic kept us on our toes, challenging our creativity in adapting our performance and participation programmes and more exploring the world of film making. 

It brought unexpected opportunities, new friends and, despite the fun, grateful anticipation for the Winter break. So get cosy and have a look at our 2021 highlights for an insight into how the year has been for us!


A screenshot of the \Scarabeus website, showing the blue main menu and landing image of aerialists in black and white.
You probably already noticed our fresh coat of paint! Our website has had a huge overhaul and new accessible design. It's been a labour of love, giving us the chance to look back and appreciate our journey. It was definitely a lesson the art of being succinct. Huge thanks must go to the team at HdK and the talented Lucy White.
Let us know what you think of it!
We completed the second phase of our research and development, released the amazing teaser by Sky Neal and the slideshow by Henri T, so watch this space for the next instalment: Touring! It's been an honour to share a safe, caring and immensely inspiring space with our collaborators. 

"Good God it’s totally beautiful – I burst into tears to be honest! Loads of layers and nuances and delicacies here. I loved to see a work that is creative and equitable, that really listens to both parent and young person perspectives, and honours the messiness and complexity of them." 
Lindsey Dreyden, Producer of Trans In America
Young woman with warm brown skin, wearing all black, entwined in the branches of a tree, surrounded by green forest.
Forest, fire, water, roots, greed, hope and action! September saw the long awaited release of Our House Is On Fire. Our Take Flight participants worked tirelessly on this thrilling aerial short-film. A call to action to all, it explores climate change, sustainability and social justice all driven by our young people. Commission from Jacksons Lane Arts Centre as part of the nationwide Here and Now celebration of culture within communities, led by Future Arts Centres and celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the National Lottery. 🍃
Four aerialists in red costumes jump from the side of The Lowry building, high up in the sky. Suspended by harness and rope.
In August of this year we were thrilled to be invited to transform The Lowry building as part of Quays Culture Festival. Come wind, come rain and also some sunshine… Nothing deterred our fantastic aerialists from performing and flying high above the delighted audiences below!
Group of school children in wolf costumes and masks pose in front of a blue background, curling their fingers like claws.
We were back at one of our favourite school in July, creating our bi-annual performance with Keys Meadow Primary School. This year it took the form of a short film: A Child Of Stories. We worked with two Year 5 classes, with students involved in all aspects of the show, including: storyboards, costume and set design, filming and editing, and, of course, acting!
our Flying into Physics programme has re-started this Autumn. A great opportunity to for Year 5 children to get to grip with the laws and mysteries of physics in a unique and active way. We're thrilled to announce we've secured funds for the next 3 years!
Four children are suspended from red aerial silks, practicing poses with their parents helping them.
This year saw us return to the sky with an adapted indoor pilot of our popular Flying Families programme. We're thrilled to announce it'll be restarting in 2022, and that we've been awarded funding for the next 3 years!

“It’s allowed me to connect with my daughter. The highlight of my week”
Established Take Flight aerialist demonstrates a position on the Chinese pole with four young people watching her.
We had a great start in the Autumn with a new group of Take Flight participants, added to our established group of young flyers, who are proving to be fantastic role models. Read our interview with Kaiaa, one of our established Take Flight participants and a Young Advisor to our Board, here in our Stories.

Thank you!

To the artists, tutors, riggers and technicians that are a joy to work and collaborate with.
To our board that has helped us to successfully navigate another challenging year.
To our funders for making our community programmes and performances possible: Arts Council England (ACE) Emergency Response Fund, Cultural Recovery and Project Grants, London Community Response Fund, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, AG Manly Charitable Trust, The Portal Trust, The Ogden Trust, Amourers' & Brasiers Company, John Lyons Charity, The Mayor of London's Young Londoners Fund and National Lottery Community Fund.

And to you! Keep being a part of our journey.
Wishing you all relaxing festivities!
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