20 Jun 2021



photo: Krystal Harfert

LOOM on summer solstice

Wishing you a beautiful summer solstice: a day for us to embrace lightness, honor the light that lives within us all, and allow it to shine outward brightly — particularly after showing ourselves and one another this past year+ that we are survivors, interconnected & powerful beyond measure.

LOOM is BANDALOOP's newest evening-length work by Artistic Director Melecio Estrella. It juxtaposes the timeless cross-cultural power of fabric to hold, comfort, adorn and sanctify the human experience with the fallout of the textile industry and modern consumerism...and a reminder for us to focus on the former & the threads which connect us all as we collectively seek progress from the pandemics we face.

BANDALOOP presented excerpts of this performance in Oakland for Earth Day 2021 in partnership with Visit Oakland.

Here's to new beginnings and continuing to reconnect with friends and family around the world!

Click below to watch excerpts from LOOM.

Watch excerpts from LOOM

Performance dates

San Francisco, CA USA
Sept 2-19
Doolan Larson residence
with Joe Goode Performance Group

Boise, ID USA
Sept 11
Boise State University

Blacksburg, VA USA 
Sept 17-18
Virginia Tech

Birmingham, AL USA
Sept 24-25
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Bentonville, AR USA
Sept 28-29
The Momentary

Atlanta, GA USA
Oct 1-3
2021 Fall Festival Flux Nights

For additional information on the above performances, and more cities as they are unveiled (including outside the US!), please visit bandaloop.org/dates.


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