18 Jun 2021

Blue Lapis Light


Dear Blue Lapis Light Family,

Our next Behind the Scenes spotlight is Alex Soto! Alex is our incredibly talented lighting designer who has been working with Blue Lapis Light for nearly a decade. His artistry in creating breathtaking lighting designs really brings an entire show together. When asked about his experience, here's what he had to say:

"As a lighting designer and programmer I have always been drawn to lighting dance. The level of logistical complexity was also a big draw as well. 

I don't know if I have a specific favorite memory, since I have been working with Sally and BLL for so many years. All of the shows are so different that each one has its own set of amazing looks and moments. Each show is its own experience, from load in to load out.  If I had to single it out one favorite memory, it might be the duet on the smoke stacks from Belonging. And I'd say seeing Bill on site for load in always makes my day! 

To me Blue Lapis Light is an important reminder that art, togetherness, and the messages that BLL provides, are all elements to be experienced in the moment. It would be very hard to convey the energy in another way. BLL is an Austin original and I am very humble and thankful to be part of this team."

Alex, we love having you as part of our creative team and are inspired by your vision.

In Peace,
Your aerial community at Blue Lapis Light
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