11 Mar 2021

Portrait and Landscape - online 17/03/2021



Portrait and Landscape is a series of online bi-monthly events, conceived by Wanda Moretti in collaboration with Kate Lawrence and Lindsey Butcher. Over the course of 2021, some of the worlds leading vertical dance choreographers will propose a series of 'gifts' for our vertical dance community, comprised of a varied set of interventions: presentations, videos, practical lessons.  They will also introduce a next generation vertical dance artist to present  their work at each meeting.

online 17 March 2021
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5 years of artist-as-activist creation

From 2017-2022, I am creating The Decarceration Trilogy: Dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex One Dance at a Time, as part of a national wave of on-going political action to expose the devastating effects of prison on American citizens. 
The trilogy embraces prison abolition as a moral stance.

In this presentation I will share out what tools and perspectives I am using to integrate apparatus-based dance and politically driven public art.

Presentation by next generation vertical dance artist

Helen Wicks (California)
A personal and political history that examines editing processes and structures of omission.
"ON AIR : A Vertical Vaudeville Spectacle on Sound and Cinema". 
In this presentation I will share how I use aerial performance as a lens to look at the conflation of news and entertainment. I will discuss my current work and its relation to past and present.

Date and Time

Wed, March 17, 2021

7:00 PM - 8.30 PM CET


Online Event

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