13 Mar 2021

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Jewlia Eisenberg
Flyaway mourns the death of Jewlia Eisenberg, who passed away on Thursday, March 12th, 2021, after a long illness. Jewlia has been a collaborator with Flyaway since 1997. Over 34 years, and half a dozen projects, we schemed, invented, and transformed our ideas into performance and public art. Jewlia was the embodiment of wildness. Her music was unapologetic, deeply researched, embedded in Jewishness, and the perfect company for our dances.
We have the honor of performing to the last music she has composed, upcoming this October. 

In true Flyaway style, we lift her up, and love her as she transcends this earth.
Here is the music Jewlia made with us (and in collaboration with Laura Inserra) for GIVE A WOMAN A LIFT, 2013.
Credits: 1) Photo of Jewlia Eisenberg from In geveb; 2) Video by Rapt Productions of Christine Cali, Jennifer Chien, Becca Dean, Lisa Fagan, MaryStarr Hope, and Patricia Jiron in Give a Woman a Lift - 2013, featuring music by Jewlia Eisenberg and Laura Inserra.
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