15 Mar 2021

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  • Read Flyaway Collaborator Rahsaan Thomas's Writing for the Marshall Project
Join Flyaway's Jo Kreiter & Helen Wicks for
Portrait and Landscape 

March 17, 2021
Wednesday, 11AM-12:45PM

Free Online Event

Portrait & Landscape is a series of online bi-monthly events. A series of ‘gifts’ from some of the worlds leading vertical dance artists.

From 2017-2022, Flyaway’s Jo Kreiter is creating The Decarceration Trilogy: Dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex One Dance at a Time, as part of a national wave of ongoing political action to expose the devastating effects of prison on American citizens. The trilogy embraces prison abolition as a moral stance. In this presentation Jo will share out what tools and perspectives she using to integrate apparatus-based dance and politically driven public art.

Jo will also engage Helen Wicks in conversation about her vertical work, ON AIR
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Watch this Video about Flyaway's TENDER (n)
Defying Convention And Gravity 
Produced by the Rainin Foundation

"As we reflect on a year filled with social justice uprisings, the project featured in the above video and the legacies it elevates feel profoundly relevant. This site-specific dance, TENDER (n) a person who takes charge, took place at the Cadillac Hotel and celebrated 100 years of activism in San Francisco’s Tenderloin...

This project used temporary public art to elevate underrepresented histories. It also engaged the community in celebrating the residents who continue to seek a desirable place to live and thrive while facing gentrification and rising inequality."
- Rainin Foundation
Read About TENDER (n) in
Reflections by Honey Mahogany 
Community Activist and Co-Founder of the Transgender District

"As we began rehearsals for TENDER, it soon became clear that the show highlighted many of the things I love most about San Francisco: diversity, art, community, and self-discovery. It also seemed to bring together important, persistent themes from my life in a way that I didn’t quite expect. Beyond the death-defying aerial choreography and period costumes was an underlying sense of urgency—a gravitas to the stories being spun through choreography, music, and narrative recordings."
- Honey Mahogany
Read Honey's Reflections
Check Out Our Art Show in SF Weekly's Article
Exhibit Highlights Humanity of the Incarcerated 
‘Meet Us Quickly’ challenges the public to see people's inherent multidimensionality.

“Meet Us Quickly was constructed to bridge the distance between prisons and the society that’s forgotten about them — to proximate. ‘Each piece was created by a human being who poured their heart out onto a canvas, and that canvas bares witness to the humanity of its creator,’ Thomas says.” 
- Grace Z. Lee for SF Weekly
Check Out the SF Weekly Article
Flyaway Collaborator Rahsaan Thomas writes 
A Question of Violence 
for the Marshall Project

"The man I am today would rather be robbed than to kill another Black human being. Through years of self-help groups, reflection and study, I have healed. I’ve learned from books like Danielle Sered’s 'Until We Reckon' that the poverty and violence that I experienced were key factors in the commission of my crime. 'The Body Keeps Score,' by psychiatrist and trauma researcher Bessel van der Kolk, showed me that seeing my little brother shot caused physical changes in my brain that contributed to me killing someone when faced with circumstances reminiscent of that robbery."
- Rahsaan Thomas for the Marshall Project
Read Rahsaan's Writing
Photo/Video Credits: 1) Austin Forbord of Bianca Cabrera, SonsherĂ©e Giles, MaryStarr Hope, Laura Elaine Ellis, Honey Mahogany, Megan Lowe, and Yayoi Kambara in TENDER, 2018; 2) Portrait and Landscape Collage of Jo Kreiter and The Decarceration Trilogy; 3) Jamie DeWolf of Bianca Cabrera, Laura Elaine Ellis, SonsherĂ©e Giles, MaryStarr Hope, Yayoi Kambara, Megan Lowe, and Honey Mahogany in TENDER, 2018; 4) Austin Forbord of Honey Mahogany in TENDER, 2018; 5) Fred Elmes of Clarissa Dyas in The Wait Room - New York, 2019; 6) Art by Phillip “Ansar” Anthony Davis' Mother of Civilization for Museum of African Diaspora's Meet Us Quickly: Painting for Justice from Prison, 2020; 7) Jamiel Law for the Marshall Project, 2021
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