13 Mar 2021


Vertical Contemporary Dance

Alveare/Beehive is our short film produced at the end of 2019 and now it’s flying around the world!

The Beehive aims at focusing on the critical part bees plays in the biosphere as a deeply interconnected system. As pollinators, the bees make every sort of flowers and trees grow. Without them we are all lost.
In a rocky and steep beehive two worker bees do not dance their lives away; quite the opposite, their hectic buzz raises cries – and moves – of alarm. The dancer bodies, transfigured into alien though intimate creatures of our imagination, dialogue in flying, express power, vital energy, inscrutable beauty and rage against human blindness. Eventually they scatter pollen as if they’d scatter seeds of life and conscience regeneration.
It is sharp and insightful visual suggestion, bursting with energy and hope for a better future, accompanied by the razor-sharp use of natural and artificial lights and a soundtrack that gives rhythm to the bee-dancer bodies as the very beating heart of our fragile world.

Currently you can watch it free streaming at DANCE@30FPS a festival of dance-film

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