1 Nov 2018

Zaccho Dance Theatre

This Tuesday, November 6, San Francisco voters have an opportunity to increase arts and culture funding for our city without raising taxes - simply by voting Yes on Prop E!

But with only 5 days until Election Day, Zaccho Dance Theatre and the Yes on E campaign need your help to ensure that Prop E receives the ⅔ supermajority needed to solidify funding for arts and culture for generations to come. If you haven’t yet volunteered with the campaign, don’t worry! It’s not too late to get involved!

Volunteer shifts are happening all over San Francisco over the next 5 days - they’re only 3 hours long, low-impact, and critical to the success of our campaign!

Arts and cultural communities have already been impacted by displacement, gentrification and the rapidly escalating cost of living in San Francisco. Now is the time to stand up with Zaccho Dance Theatre to secure a future for arts and culture in San Francisco. Volunteer with us to spread the word and if you’re a San Francisco voter, don’t forget to vote Yes on E by November 6th!

Thank you,

Eric Wallner
Executive Director
Zaccho Dance Theatre