29 Nov 2018

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Did you know that while there are women in prisons throughout the country, there are many more women living in a state of secondary incarceration? Women who have a loved one in the prison system are caught in a web of forced collusion, economic and social fracture, and the peculiarities of shame and forgiveness. 
Part 1 of The Decarceration Trilogy (2019-2021)

A performance installation that exposes the physical, psychic, and emotional burden of prison for women with incarcerated loved ones.
My personal experience as a woman with an incarcerated loved one is the impetus for The Decarceration Trilogy. I’ve lived the last 7 years wedged between the fracture of incarceration and the hopefulness of dance making.

Come April 2019, Flyaway will premiere THE WAIT ROOM on a vacant lot on Market street, spitting distance from the Federal Building. This production reunites Flyaway with internationally recognized composer Pamela Z, designerSean Riley, and our outstanding cast of dancers. Our community partner is the Oakland-based Essie Justice Group.  Essie harnesses the collective power of women with incarcerated loved ones - including the nearly 1 in 2 black women with a loved one in jail - to end mass incarceration. 

THE WAIT ROOM is part of a national movement to advance racial justice and dismantle systems of mass incarceration. It is our effort to help build what Angela Davis calls “new terrains of justice.” 

Jo Kreiter - Artistic Director of Flyaway
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Photos by: Austin Forbord/RAPT | Dancers: Bianca Cabrera, Laura Elaine Ellis, Sonsherée Giles, MaryStarr Hope, Yayoi Kambara, Megan Lowe, and Honey Mahogany
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