27 Nov 2018



14,000 Feet

Dear Friends,

At BANDALOOP, our mantra is the sky is not the limit. As someone who is familiar with our work, you know that we internalize this both metaphorically - and physically.

In our latest physical pursuit of this mantra, and the importance of art and nature as medicine, we just released our newest mountain dance film, COYOTE WALTZ.  To the present metaphorical pursuit: we humbly ask you to be our catalyst.

2019 will have us partnering with Breckenridge Creative Arts to elevate our art leadership & environmental stewardship. The subsequent film will complete our recent trilogy of our work on mountains; the dance will span a meadow and grotto en route to dance panels on a 14,000 foot high iconic Rocky Mountain. This nascent work will share perspective-changing dance in the Rockies' raw beauty for hikers and cameras to carry the message of nature's importance around the globe.

Dancing on mountains, including in spaces requiring mountain climbing techniques, is one of the legacies that makes our vision exceptional in dance and film.

We urge you now to become part of our legacy.

Your support will go directly to our creation work and training. Our goal is $14,000 - a dollar for each foot of mountain. The first $10,000 we raise will be matched by generous BANDALOOP supporters.

If you felt the medicine from COYOTE WALTZ, please empower us to share art and nature as medicine worldwide. The Facebook campaign is here - donations on Facebook are eligible for the match - or click here to donate directly through our website.

Amelia Rudolph and the BANDALOOP Family
November 2018, Oakland, CA USA

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