27 Sept 2023

ANGELS Aerials

 It's that time of year again - that Night  - the Night of Nights - the Night of the Performing Arts - the 21st Cologne Theatre Night. 

Five more nights to go and you can fly with us:
2 times 3 are 4
or of the passing of time
An aerial short story by

ANGELS Aerials - Vertical Dance Cologne
Heizkraftwerk Süd, Zugweg 29-31, 50677 Cologne, Germany
02 October 2023 19:45| 20:45 | 21:45 | 22:45 

Photo: Daniel Berbig

One person, two people, now three, then one, no four...
The towers of the Heizkraftwerk Süd are once again the stage for Cologne's aerial theatre and vertical dance company ANGELS Aerials. At a height of 20 m, an endless kaleidoscope emerges: people, relationships, moments, encounters, bodies, ideas, feelings dissolve, fly away. 
Then over. 
What happened in the beginning? 
What is now? 
Briefly it is there - the passing of time.
ANGELS Aerials - Cologne's only flying theatre - tells stories that cannot be told with any other means. The horizontal and the vertical reverse, fooling the eye and turning everything upside down. 

Created with and performed by: 
Susanne Beschorner, Simone Kieltyka, Jacqueline Krell, Leonie Mersmann
Directed by: Herbert Hasters
Aerial Design & Rigging: Markus Krökel, Nicole Pirpamer, Moritz Tölle
Lighting: Jonathan Clay
Composition: Andreas Beschorner
Vocals: Sibylle Hummel