26 Sept 2023

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The Biennale of New Movement in Croatia

The Biennale of New Movement (BNM) is an interdisciplinary international project led by author and choreographer Marija Šćekić, of Histeria Nova Artistic Organization (Croatia).  The BNM is a co-production with Aeriosa Dance Society (Canada), under the artistic direction of choreographer Julia Taffe.

At this moment the BNM team is creating, performing and leading workshops in the Velebit Mountains at Paklenica National Park and the seaside towns of Starigrad and Karlobag. In October they are presenting an evening of theatre-based vertical dance at the Djakovo Centre for Culture and an artist talk at The University of Osijek in Slavonia.

In 2024 this Aeriosa and Histeria Nova collaboration is slated to continue unfolding in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

We are grateful to Dance Victoria for generously supporting our co-production by awarding Julia Taffe and Marija Scekic a 2022/23 Chrystal Dance Prize for international collaboration. 2022/23 Chrystal Dance Prize for International Collaboration.

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Featured collaborators

“The project deals with the topic of the human drive for survival as a philosophical, existential and anthropological question of...the responsibility of man to continuously search for meaning, to be focused on something outside himself, to discover and realize true values within oneself and find personal meaning." (Viktor E. Frankl, The Unheard Cry for meaning).

The goal of the project is to collect and preserve information about the work of individuals whose work, identified with their way of life, leaves a big mark in theirs, but also the lives of others”. Marija Šćekić - Histeria Nova


ADAPTATION is a vertical dance site work  created with visual artist Sarah Fuller, choreographers Julia Taffe and Marija Scekic and dancers Meghan Goodman, Chandra Krown, Alex Tam, Cara Siu and Vince Virr

This hybrid dance and visual arts performance project is currently developing on location in the main canyon of Paklenica National Park.

The rigging installation is being designed by Aeriosa safety director Colin Zacharias with support from Croatian climbing riggers Mario Pinjuh and Sonja Sabo and Yskynna Artistic Director David Greeves.

ADAPTATION continues and expands the long-time collaboration between Julia Taffe and Sarah Fuller, which previously produced the vertical dance site works HABITATS AND CAMOUFLAGE (Tofino) and HOME/DOMICILE (Vancouver), fusing site-based dance performance with visual arts on the West Coast of Canada.

For her contribution to the ADAPTATION project, Sarah Fuller is co-creating set and costume pieces and coaching Aeriosa dancers in working with local plants to create new camouflage in relation to the Velebit Mountain ecosystem. Sarah is also leading two public Cyanotype and Cyanotype toning workshops to engage the local community with some of the techniques used in the ADAPTION creative process.

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Fall Vertical Dance Classes

Featured Flying Friends

This is a series of vertical dance videos led by Chandra Krown. Each video is a creative collaboration with a different vertical dance artist in a different location.

We have not yet shared this video in the series. It was a beautiful and wild vertical dance collaboration shot in Barcelona, Spain. I (Chandra) had the opportunity to create with talented Catalan dance artists Berta Baliu and Pere Vilarrubla and visionary video artist Joaquin Pinero Gomez.

WAITING FOR TIME - Vertical Dance Collaboration Episode # 7

Waiting for Time