23 Jul 2023

Helen Wicks Works


Dear community, 

I hope you are finding rejuvenation in your summer months.
I have been cooking up something new and will perform a low flying spectacle this Sunday in a fun setting.
I'm writing to invite you to:

Berbers Got Talent
A dinner & cirque show at Berber in San Francisco!

Bottom two photos by Robbie Sweeny

Let's come together to enjoy a meal and some invigorating physical feats!
I hope to see you mid-flight. 

Berber Describes the event:

Berber's Got Talent (BGT) is a no-holds-barred cirque talent show where the audience decides who is victorious. Our talented and diverse set of performers are taking the competition to new heights to claim their right as champion. This battle between ballerinas, jugglers, aerialists, and dancers will bring out only the best talent in San Francisco acts for you to enjoy. Ultimately, who's deserving of the spotlight — and who isn't — only you can decide.

Dine à la carte with a Michelin-acclaimed menu and a new craft cocktail list for this captivating 2 hour event with a three course tasting menu. Hosted by our resident bendy babe — the unforgettable Mega — who will bring the show to life with her beautiful self and marvelous costumes.

If you are inclined to support this process and collaborative upcoming projects: 
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Take care!

Helen and the Wicks Works Team