21 Jun 2023

Aeriosa Dance Society


Dancing Through The Seasons
Artistic Director's Message
Hello Everyone,

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! 
Wishing all Indigenous families, friends, peers and neighbours a beautiful day filled with celebration and blessings.

Much Love and Respect,
Julia Taffe
Aeriosa Community News
Palexelsiya Lorelei Williams
Interviewed by The Tyee  
"We Can’t Forget Their Names" 
A Q&A with the Artistic Director of Butterflies in Spirit 

"After being invited to witness a performance by Butterflies in Spirit on May 5, The Tyee had a chance to interview Williams on her extensive advocacy for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit people." 

Read the full article here
Performance News
"New Artists and Approaches in Vertical Dance"  
Aeriosa guest artists Landon Krentz and Vince Virr rehearse their new duet from "Salmon Cycle"  by Aeriosa artistic director and choreographer Julia Taffe 
On May 18th, Aeriosa, Butterflies in Spirit and Deaf Theatre Artist Landon Krentz performed a mixed program of new and revised short works for The Dance Centre's popular Discover Dance Series. "New Artists and Approaches in Vertical Dance" was our company's first opportunity to welcome Deaf and Hard of Hearing audiences to an Aeriosa performance. We are grateful to our collaborator Landon Krentz whose generous creative, cultural and financial contributions to the production process made this performance possible. 

Read the program notes here
Looking Ahead
Histeria Nova & Aeriosa
 Biennale of New Movement
Co-production in Croatia - Fall 2023 

Right this moment at Aeriosa we are THRILLED to be organizing our first company tour to Croatia from September 24th to October 10th, 2023, with vital support provided by Dance Victoria's Chrystal Dance Prize and the Canada Council for the Arts. Aeriosa will be co-creating and co-producing a slate of site-specific presentations, workshops and theatre-based performances in collaboration with our Croatian partner Histeria Nova, UK vertical dance company Yskynna and Winnipeg-based visual artist Sarah E. Fuller.

Our international team will be working in the Velebit mountain communities of Starigrad, Paklenica and Karlobag on the western shores of the Adriatic Sea, and then traveling eastward across the country to the Slavonia region agricultural cities Djakovo and Osijek. Histeria Nova artistic director Marija Šćekić, the visionary behind the Biennale of New Movement lays out the vision and 2023 programming details here 

Friends in Flight
Vertical Dance Connections
Vince Virr

column and video by Aeriosa artist Chandra Krown
Vince Virr is just as amazing as a vertical dancer as he is a human. Or vice versa. We had the pleasure to meet him for the first time in 2019 at the Vancouver International Vertical Summit. Finally, we have been able to collaborate with him in our recent work at the Scobiabank Dance Centre this last May 2023 and also with the newest Vertical Dance Collaboration Video created in the United Kingdom shortly after Vince's return home.
Vince grew up in Bradford, Yorkshire, England and is a cherished part of the Arts community there. He is working on a big project called 'Bradford 2025'. Bradford has been named as UK City of Culture 2025. Check out his social media page and website to learn more about his artistic developments.

Vertical Dance Collaboration
Knot Knowing 
Featuring Vince Virr & Chandra Krown


Video credits: 

Vertical Dance Collaboration by Chandra Krown and Vince Virr

Video shot at Ilkley Moor Cow & Calf Rocks in the United Kingdom

Camera Operators: Lois Woodhead, Chandra Krown and Vince Virr

Editing by Chandra Krown

Rigging by Vince Virr

Special thanks to Abel Zhang

Huge shout out and massive appreciation to Katrina McPherson whom mentored me through the creation of this video. 

Knot Knowing - Vertical Dance Collaboration #8

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