28 Dec 2022

Zaccho Dance Theatre


Dear Zaccho Family,

So much has happened in 2022! 

We were blessed to start our year with a community reflection on love at Grace Cathedral. It prepared and grounded us to meet the coming year with a renewed commitment to kindness and generosity and with an understanding that maintaining this is a life time of work, something we gladly embrace. Despite the many challenges we continue to experience in the world around us, it is clear that love has had some large and smaller victories. We have witnessed these victories through the work of all of the artists that have come through Zaccho’s programs, with performances and projects that have touched people in deeply transformative ways. Love, a state of grace, the SF Aerial Arts Festival, our artist residency and youth education programs showcased extraordinary artists, all of whom have created environments of powerful artistry and social engagement. We have also been deeply inspired by so many other artists and activists throughout the Bay Area and the country who are focused on uplifting their communities and fighting for this spectacular planet. As Maya Angelou says, “All great artists draw from the same resource: the human heart, which tells us that we are all more alike than we are unalike.” 

We are so grateful to the artists, young and older, and to all of you who have supported us throughout this year. Thank you! 

So, on to 2023! Take care of yourselves and each other and have an absolutely fabulous holiday. 

With love and good wishes always,

Joanna and the Zaccho Team 
Photo credits:

Black Futures inaugural resident artists: Tossie Long, Martin Luther McCoy, and RUPTURE. Photos by VIVD Creations and Saami Bloom. 

Love, a state of grace: Aerialists Veronica Blair, Nina Sawant, Saharla Vetsch, Helen Wicks. Photo by Focal Point Films, Saami Bloom, Walter Kitundu.

Inaugural HART artists Aleja Cobarruviaz, Rama Mahesh Hall, Honest, Jamil Nasim, Khissa Sano, Ran de Casa, Danielle Smith, Jamey Williams. Photos by Saami Bloom.

Zaccho's Youth Performing Arts Program at Zaccho Studio. Photos by Joanna Haigood.

2022 San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival: Performers Veronica Blair, Shannon Gray, and Melisse Jacqueline Nwandu Lansdown of Zaccho Youth Company, and company members of Robert Moses’ KIN Dance Company. Photos by Austin Forbord.