21 Dec 2022



Dancing Through The Seasons
Artistic Director's Message
Happy Solstice All!

Every year, I get excited on this day, thinking about how we've (almost) made it through the longest night of the year. As we prepare to say goodbye to 2022, I want to take this chance to express my appreciation to all the dedicated artists, staff and volunteers who bring Aeriosa's work to life. I also want to acknowledge our audiences, participants, community partners and funders, for supporting us and making it all possible. Thank you, with deep gratitude and respect to you and yours.

Throughout 2023, Aeriosa will be working to share some exciting new artists and approaches in vertical dance with you, so stay tuned, and until then....

Take good care, enjoy the holidays,

Julia Taffe
Holiday Greetings!
Duende Flamenco Vertical
Vertical Dance Film Premiere
In our last newsletter we shared the 'Work In Progress' of Duende; our latest creation in the Vertical Dance Video Series we have been sharing to our newsletter readers. The piece features a collaboration between vertical dancers Nauzet Vega Reyes and Chandra Krown and also a video production collaboration between Joaquin PiƱero Gomez and Chandra Krown. With Joaquin's added skills and experience, and his artistic expression, we have taken things to the next level, and we have an exciting piece to share with you. We hope you enjoy our gift to you!
Click on the link below to watch the 3.5 minute piece. 
Duende ~ Vertical Dance Collaboration ~ Episode 6 ~ Final