24 Nov 2022

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lndigenous Fashion Week
Nov 28 - Dec 2 

Aeriosa Artists-in-Residence Butterflies in Spirit are hosting RED DRESS, and you are invited to attend at 8pm on Nov. 28 as part of Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week (VIFW) opening night.

Dress in red to remember and to celebrate our resilience and strength, as well as to honour the missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit members of our communities.
Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week
Returns After Pandemic Hiatus

VIFW showcases the power, beauty and evolution of authentic Indigenous art and design. Founded in 2017 by Joleen Mitton, VIFW brings global recognition to Indigenous fashion designers and artisans while providing talent development to Indigenous youth through mentorship, safe business practices, cultural appreciation, fashion shows, arts and cultural events. VIFW seeks to facilitate reconciliation and deeper understanding between Canada’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through fashion and community.
VIFW Events & Tickets

MMIW Fundraiser

Current/Dance Community
Aeriosa and Butterflies in Spirit at
Roundhouse Community Centre

Butterflies in Spirit "Skyworld"
Choreography by Billie Jeanne Sinclair
Dancers Billie Jeanne Sinclair, Lisa Monchalin 
Photo by Chris Randle 

During our fall partnership with the Roundhouse Arts and Recreation Centre, Aeriosa mounted a studio showing of Julia Taffe's 'Flight School' choreography, and launched our new "Intermediate Vertical Dance" community class series.

This Roundhouse partnership also allowed Aeriosa Artists-in-Residence Butterflies in Spirit (BIS) to participate in vertical dance coaching sessions with Aeriosa artists Julia Taffe and Julia Carr.

A German film crew is scheduled to accompany BIS for their final studio session on November 25. They are making a documentary that will help BIS with raising public awareness of their missing and murdered loved-ones and supporting MMIWG2S+ families.

Featured Friends in Flight

Nauzet Vegas Reyes in Tenerife, Spain

Nauzet Vegas Reyes, vertical dancer from Tenerife, Spain

Photo Credit: Chandra Krown

Chandra Krown has now created five short vertical dance films from two-hour spontaneous creative sessions, and premiered them in recent Aeriosa newsletters.

This month's presentation is a little different, as Chandra and her collaborator, Nauzet Vegas Reyes, were joined by a talented group of Spanish creators.

The video was shot on the wall of a dam on Tenerife, the largest Canary Island. Chandra and Nauzet remounted choreography they had co-created long ago, adding a new flamenco flair to the piece.

Photo credit: Javier Duran

Chandra and Nau met on Maui many years ago when Nau was working on the telescopes on the sacred slopes of Haleakalā Volcano. He had trained with Magalie Lanriot in Portugal, and he reached out to Chandra searching for local vertical dancers. 

Discussing their creative reunion for this project Chandra Krown says, "We didn’t have a lot of time on the wall, but I wanted to blend flamenco passion and Spanish culture with ideas from the book The Power of Discord: Why the Ups and Downs of Relationships Are the Secret to Building Intimacy, Resilience, and TrustNau and I worked with an amazing team who helped us bring this idea together."

Photo Credit: Javier Duran

The Team (L-R above): 
Director/D.O.P/Camera Operator Joaquin Piñero w3lovecinema
Dancer/Co-Choreographer/Editor Chandra Krown
Dancer/Co-Choreographer Nauzet (Nau) Vegas Reyes
Rigger/Safety Supervisor Roby Cano (an amazing climber who also makes beautiful cinema roby_canomarrero).
Support Crew Eli Garcia & Aleksandra  Wietrzniak (not pictured)
Drone Operator Javier Duran javiduranfotografo.
Mercedes Mestre Costume Designer and Flamenco Consultant (not pictured) was a great help bringing the costume together.

Please note this is the first draft if the video
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