31 Oct 2022

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Flight School Remount 

Photo credit: (Top) Colin Zacharias 
(Bottom Left and Right) Tim Matheson
Come join Aeriosa at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre on Tuesday November 8th at 3:30pm as we workshop Flight School, a vertical dance trio. 

Flight School is 10-minute excerpt from Julia Taffe’s full length choreography Being, which premiered at the Scotiabank Dance Centre in 2011. The original work is a quartet where the vertically suspended dancers connect together creating kaleidoscopic patterns evocative of skydivers in mid-flight. The purpose of remounting Flight School is to begin a new collaboration between Aeriosa Artistic Director Julia Taffe and Assistant Artistic Director Julia Carr. The two artists will reinterpret this work through their individual approaches. 

This fall Carr is leading Aeriosa dancers through the process of remounting Flight School at the Roundhouse and finds the movement compelling. She says this exciting aerial choreography was elemental to her progression as a vertical dancer. “I really learned how to exert core control in the harness, rolling over, inverting, and activating posture”. Continuing on in 2023, Carr will examine the choreography using her long-exposure photography techniques to paint the dancers' movement pathways with light. Taffe will also be adapting the choreography to a new counter-weight flying system offering dramatic and dynamic movement trajectories that were not possible with the original rigging system. 

Taffe recognizes that Flight School is a signature work in Aeriosa’s artistic development; it has been performed on stage at the Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre, the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, the Banff Centre for Arts and at the Vancouver Convention Centre for the Rendez-vous Canada Tourism Conference. Flight School was also performed outdoors, during a February snowfall at the Winterruption Festival under the Granville Bridge! 

The two choreographers add that Aeriosa is excited to be preparing the new iteration of the piece for our New Artists and Approaches in Vertical Dance program for The Dance Centre’s Discover Dance series on May 18th, 2023. Aeriosa will be presenting a program of short new works by Deaf Theatre Artist Landon Krentz, by Butterflies in Spirit, and by Aeriosa company dancers, all promoting the development of diversity in vertical dance practice and representation.
Discover Dance! Series

This popular series offers informative and inspiring shows by BC dance companies and artists, highlighting a wide range of dance genres.

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday May 18, 12pm

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Croatia Research Trip Report

Photo credits: (left) Colin Zacharias
Description: Julia Taffe, Sheba and Marija Šćekić explore a weathered dome of limestone in the Velebit Mountains

Photo credits: (right) Marija Šćekić
Description: Touring the the Velebit Mountains (L to R Julia Taffe, photographer Marko Lorenzo Blaslov, Colin Zacharias and Pakelenica Photo Safari Guide Neven)

From Artistic Director Julia Taffe

As I write this article, Aeriosa Safety Director Colin Zacharias and I are traveling through Croatia with our host, Croatian choreographer Marija Šćekić. Marija is the Artistic Director of Histeria Nova artistic organization. She is also a fellow founding member of the Vertical Dance Forum, a working group of vertical dance choreographers that carried out professional development meetings and public events in Europe and Canada from 2014-2019. Marija has invited Aeriosa to collaborate on the development of a multi-year interdisciplinary art, science and education project called the Biennale of New Movement; which explores the most essential and natural human movement, our instinct to survive. 

Being introduced to Marija's wide circle of Croatian partners and collaborators has been an incredible experience. Together, we began by exploring the Dalmatian coast. From the dry stone walls protecting the Island of Misjak, to the Stojan Jankovic Tower and Fortica Complex at Islam Grčki, we moved north along the Adriatic shores to Starigrad. There, we met with local stakeholders, then headed upland by Land Rover to explore the ancient high plateau herder villages nestled amongst limestone crags near the spectacular Paklenica National Park and canyons. On our last day along the Adriatic we meditated upon the mosaic gallery and mediterranean Garden of Kava, in Karlobag in the north Velebit Mountains.

Today, having left behind the Adriatic for the cooler wooded hills, and fall colours of the Croatian interior, we are relaxing in the beautiful river town of Rastoke. Ancient water mills and walkways border the rivers. Napoleonic ruins fortify the skyline above. Tomorrow we are on our way to the Osijek agricultural region and the city of Djakovo for our final meetings.

The hospitality that Marija, her creative community and the people of Croatia have been showing us is humbling. And the people we are meeting are impressively creative, resourceful and accomplished. Around every corner of this journey we are learning ancient and recent cultural history, encountering stunning natural landscapes and meeting inspiring new friends. Our itinerary is packing a lifetime of possibility into two short weeks and we are definitely falling in love with the people and places that Marija is generously sharing with us.

Photo credits: (top left) Colin Zacharias
Description:  Interior Roof of Traditional Herders Shelter on the Island of Mishak

Photo credits: (top right) Colin Zacharias
Description: The Mediterranean Garden in Karlobag - Mosaics, sculptures and garden created by Artist Sergej Mihić

Photo credits: (bottom left) Julia Taffe
Description:  Colin and Djena scanning opposite objectives in the Velebit Mountians

Photo credits: (bottom right) Colin Zacharias
Gates to Stojan Jankovic Tower and Fortica Complex at Islam Grčki
Featured Friends in Flight

Chandra Krown and Julia Carr, David Cooper and Linda Arkelian in Vancouver

October 2022 - Episode 5

This month's video content is a multi-artist collaboration. This episode is the culmination of a 2 hour window of spontaneous vertical dance play and creative exploration with light painting. The session took place on Oct 11, 2022 at the Underground Circus in Vancouver, BC 

Vancouver Artists:
Top left: Julia Carr, dance artist
Top right: Linda Arkelian, video artist
Botton left: David Cooper, light painting, photo and video artist
Bottom right: Chandra Krown, dance artist, editor and video producer
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