22 Apr 2022

Scarabeus Aerial Theatre



Here comes the sun, we have burst into spring! Shades of white, pink, orange, red and green everywhere. Glorious sprouting and blossoming, shedding the winter skin, arteries pulsing fresh blood through the body…
Image by Sky Neal
Brilliant news! Our artistic director Daniela Essart has been offered by ACE a Developing Your Creative Practice grant to further her writing skills and develop a working knowledge of filmmaking, aimed at layering text and visual language in our future productions and online output. Daniela will be mentored on these endeavours by Roxana Silbert, Olivier nominated artistic director of the Hampstead Theatre and BAFTA nominated filmmaker Marisa Zanotti. WATCH THIS SPACE!
Image by Sky Neal

Time for action! Daniela and Naissa are off to Cornwall in May to film the last part of Fierce Grace (originally titled Emerging). Immersed in the rugged Cornish landscape, plunging in sea water, dancing and running on the beaches, climbing on cliffs… Sky Neal from Satya Films and her team, will capture new layers of imagery and text for their ever-evolving journey.
Image by Mark Morreau
Time for more action! Our young flyers from Take Flight will be taking centre stage and ‘shout out’ about the programme in a film created by young people for young people. This new short film is supported by the Media Trust and funded by John Lyons Charity. Make sure to follow us on social media for updates and behind-the-scenes content.
Slideshow created by Henri T

We are finally back with Flying Families! Our new 3 year programme funded by National Lottery Community Fund started with Ambler School in the spring term and was a bundle of fun and joy. We can't wait now for the children, parents and carers from Grafton School to attend the summer term sessions.
“I loved bonding with my child in such an exciting and exhilarating way!’
Ambler school parent
Image by Gigi Gianella

We are also back with Flying into Physics and have a busy summer term ahead with lots of schools in Islington, Barnet, Brent, Camden and Hammersmith & Fulham lined up for the programme. We are ready to play with gravity… and for more KS2 pupils flying and learning about physics in a fun and experiential way.
"Because forces are a very abstract concept, any opportunity to engage children in a practical way is going to greatly enhance the learning." 
Jo Moore, Primary Science Teaching Trust

We have been refreshing our First Aid and CPR skills to make sure we are up to date and fully prepared for the unexpected, although we always minimise risk in all of our practice. Thank you to Matt from Siren Training for delivering such an engaging  day of learning.

Thank you!

Thank you to our funders for making our performances, films and participation programmes possible: Arts Council England (ACE), Garfield Weston Foundation, AG Manly Charitable Trust, Portal Trust, Ogden Trust, Amourers' & Brasiers Company, John Lyons Charity, Mayor of London's Young Londoners Fund, The Vintners Company, National Lottery Community Fund and Media Trust.

Wishing you all sunny and inspiring months ahead!

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