21 Dec 2021

Zaccho Dance Theatre


Dear Zaccho Community,

As another year comes to a close, I find myself in a state of reflection around all that we have experienced both here at Zaccho and collectively in the world. Last year was quite tumultuous with an overwhelming amount of emotional and physical upheaval and loss. This year, while we have made some progress, we continue our struggle to achieve significant and lasting change around social justice issues like racism, political divisiveness, and women’s rights. We understand that we must remain vigilant and committed to the work of dismantling hate and injustice, and applying effective ways to defeat this monstrous pandemic. In doing so, we must also remember to find ways to joyfully reconnect, celebrate rainfall, dedicate time to meditate and eat well, and to embrace and support each other and our glorious planet through these uncertain times. 

We are so happy to finally get back to Zaccho Studio and to our artistic work in a way that brings healing and connection with those around us. We are equally thrilled to have our community youth back in the Studio dancing and creating together. We will be welcoming new artists in residence in January through the Black Futures and HART programs and look forward to supporting their powerful work. Lastly, this February we are returning to the “stage” with Love, a state of grace after a two year hiatus. It is a tremendous gift to work on a performance project that is centered around love. Centering around love, especially right now, returns us to truth and to our humanity. Hurray for all of it!

So with this, we send our love and heartfelt gratitude to you and offer our good wishes for your next adventures in the coming year.

Joanna and the Zaccho Team
Share Your Reflections on Love

Zaccho Dance Theatre is currently building a collection of stories based on the rich and complex theme of LOVE to coincide with our performance installation of Love, a state of grace. We would like to hear from you! Please click the link below for more details.