31 Dec 2020

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In 2020, we actualized two important activist contributions this year. We built a multi-racial coalition with artists and activists locally and across the country in service of decarceration. We are proud to have co-created an art show of incarcerated artists from San Quentin Prison and co-hosted a panel discussion on Black and Jewish voices against mass incarceration with Museum of African Diaspora, Prison Renaissance, and Bend the Arc Jewish Action.

Moving forward with The Decarceration Trilogy, Flyaway embraces prison abolition as a moral stance. Our third installment in the Trilogy, The Apparatus of Repair brings focus to uncomfortable territory—the need for accountability for violence and violence against women, with the recognition that prison does not inherently curb violence. 

With your help, we make a difference. We drive awareness about the issue of incarceration. We invite spectacle, dialogue, and invention.

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Credits: 1) Photo by Fred Elmes of Clarissa Dyas in The Wait Room - New York, 2019; 2) Art by Phillip “Ansar” Anthony Davis' Mother of Civilization for Museum of African Diaspora's Meet Us Quickly:
Painting for Justice from Prison
, 2020
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