24 Aug 2020

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Part 2 of The Decarceration Trilogy
How can Black, Jewish, and JPOC voices work together to amplify the call for racial justice via an end to Mass Incarceration?

It is with a heavy heart we are letting our audiences know that Flyaway will postpone the premiere of Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercyuntil a safer environment exists for our cast and crew. We had hoped to be able to burst through the sorrow of these pandemic times with a justice-driven piece of public art, but the Covid numbers in San Francisco remain too high. Stay tuned for rescheduling details as we know them. Many thanks to our community partners at MoAD, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Prison Renaissance, and CounterPulse for ongoing support and investment in the project and in ending mass incarceration. The show will not go on this Fall, but the fight continues...

MoAD and Prison Renaissance, in Partnership with Flyaway, are bringing you

Finding Mercy: Black & Jewish Voices Against Mass Incarceration

October 1, 2020
5:30 PM – 7 PM

This event takes place as an online panel discussion and a virtual art show, featuring new work by 13 visual artists currently working from their cells at San Quentin Prison.
Info and Tickets Here

GIRLFLY artists offer up their

"I am in search of who I am, who you are, and why our universes decided to collide. Visual Literacy captures the stories of the women in my network, focusing on how they hold space for healing. The goal of the work with GIRLFLY is to create a space where self-image through photography superseded the school to prison pipeline carceral image of girls, particularly Black and Brown girls through America's K-12 schools. Together we created meaning through sharing and documenting our stories."
Jasmine Brown
Visual Literacy Activist

See GIRLFLY Self-Images
Flyaway is working in Coalition with Bend the Arc: Jewish Action to create Meet Us Quickly with Your Mercy, and urges a:

YES for Racial Justice and
NO for Prop 20 vote
in November in CA
No Prop On 20 Info
Credits: 1) Photo by RJ Muna of Laura Elaine Ellis - 2020; 2) Art by O. Smith; 3) Photo by Vitali Kononov of GIRLFLY - 2020
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