19 Aug 2020




With projects and performances cancelled due to Covid 19, Arts Companies are finding new ways to reflect and express our current world.

Zaccho Dance Theatre has commissioned a collection of international aerialists for the 2020 San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival video project.

Each artist will be creating a 3-5 minute video providing personal reflections on the unusual times in which we are currently living. 
Uncertainty, social chaos, and observations surrounding the collective international activism of the Black Lives Matter Movement are themes the artists will be weaving into their work.

Aeriosa's Artistic Director, Julia Taffe, is one of the aerialists who will be contributing her reflections.

This video project is directed by Joanna Haigood of Zaccho Dance Theatre, in collaboration with Mary Ellen Strom. It premieres September 25-26, 2020.
Photos by Colin Zacharias
Door Frame Dance Lesson
Have you ever looked at a doorway and thought - what a perfect piece of architecture for a dance?! 

Aeriosa dancer, Julia Carr, has been leading a series of Zoom sessions for Aeriosa company members, exploring dancing within a door frame. In our next newsletter, we will be sharing video footage of these creations. In case you have never tried dancing in a door frame and want to....here is a step by step guide.

First, assess your door-frame for hazards like loose trim or splinters that might snag clothing or skin.
  1. Try exploring geometric shapes within the frame.
  2. Now create soft curving shapes to juxtapose the angular door-frame.
  3. Experiment with using the door-frame to support part of your body by leaning into it or wedging your foot against the frame.
  4. Combine your chosen moves into sequences; play with the timing of the movement, then add music! 
    Hello door-frame dance! 
For those of you who are confident inverting....you might try adding a headstand or handstand within the frame. If you are keen to incorporate a little rock-climbing technique into your piece, it is possible to lift yourself up using the edge of the door-frame (strong fingers required)! If you have mastered that, then once you have lifted yourself up, raise your knees, twist your body and wedge your feet into the door-frame and strike a floating pose! 
Featured Feathered Friend
Aeriosa's work is often nature-centred. When dancing in the trees we regularly encounter other species. This column is dedicated to learning about our friends in flight.
Stellar's Jay

Stellar's Jay (Cyanacitta Stellari) became BC's official bird on December 17, 1987. Coloured a vibrant blue and black, it is found throughout the province. The bird's most prominent feature is the triangular crest at the crown of its head.

Stellar's Jay is closely related to the Blue Jay but with a black head and upper body. The Queen Charlotte Islands is home to the largest and darkest subspecies.

Stellar's Jay are often sighted at campgrounds and parks and in the evergreen forest canopy.
This bird's squawks, rattles and sheck, sheck, sheck chatters are bold and recognizable. This lively, smart and cheeky bird was voted most popular bird by the people of BC.
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