16 Jun 2020

Flyaway Productions

Thank you for your support of Flyaway Productions!
A Message from Jo Kreiter

Since the murder of George Floyd, Flyaway has hung back a bit, in deference to Black leadership and mourning. As protests persist and the focused, daily work of systems change continues, we are getting to work. It’s been heartening to read solidarity statements from arts organizations in the Bay Area and around the county. We look forward to the follow thru from all of us, so that racial justice is not something we embrace in a crisis then move on from.

In the last 24 years, Flyaway has built itself up on risk. We risk height, speed, and a defiance of gravity. We also risk connection and coalition building with artists, activists, and organizations who are diving forward toward Justice. Equity. Equality. We are a white led organization with intentional diversity on our board, among our artists, and within our community partners. To those who seek public art that supports racial justice, we offer ourselves as a bridge and an accomplice.

I recently heard Angela Davis on Democracy Now, saying that she has never witnessed political rebellion on this scale in the United States. That is a powerful statement. It’s a reason to hope.

Please hope with us. Join us as we Create. Act. Demand. Invent.

See you on the street.

Jo Kreiter

GIRLFLY 2020 starts July 6th!
This year we have gathered together 20 youth from across the city who are ready to impact as we challenge the school to prison pipeline. We are working with visual literacy specialist Jasmine Brown, teaching artist Bianca Cabrera, a set designed by Acacia Houle, and our awesome intern Saharla Vetch, currently a student at USF. We have figured out how to offer the program inside COVID 19 safety guidelines and are ready to fly. We will film the work for you to see online.

Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercy

October 9-17, 2020


80 Turk Street, San Francisco, California

FREE Site Specific Performances
Reservations will be available soon

For health and safety reasons due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, audience size at each showing will be sharply limited.
Choreographer & Director: Jo Kreiter
Co-Creator: Rahsaan Thomas
Dancers: Bianca Cabrera, Clarissa Dyas, Laura Elaine Ellis, SonsherĂ©e Giles, Maddy Lawder, Megan Lowe, and Helen Wicks
Composer: Jewlia Eisenberg
Set Designer: Sean Riley
Lighting Designer: Jack Beuttler
Costume Designer: Jamielyn Duggan
How can Black, Jewish, and JPOC voices work together to amplify the call for racial justice via an end to Mass Incarceration?

Flyaway Productions premieres MEET US QUICKLY WITH YOUR MERCY, the second in a trilogy of outdoor public art performances addressing the devastating effects of mass incarceration. Meet Us Quickly is presented in partnership with the Museum of the African Diaspora, Bend The Arc Jewish Action, Prison Renaissance, and through CounterPulse’s curated co-production program. It will take place on the exterior facades of CounterPulse and the Dahlia Hotel next door.

After each show, come on in to CounterPulse to see a visual art exhibit by artists working behind bars at San Quentin.

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Flyaway's Dance Film
The Wait Room

We are pleased to finally bring you the whole 14 minute film!
3 organizations we recommend, if you are looking to join in anti-racism action:
Media Credits: 1) Photo by Fred Elmes of The Wait Room, New York - 2019; 2) Photo by Brechin Flournoy of GIRLFLY - 2018; 3) Photo by Fred Elmes of Clarissa Dyas in The Wait Room, New York - 2019; 4) Film by Austin Forbord & Jo Kreiter of Clarissa Dyas, Laura Elaine Ellis, MaryStarr Hope, & Megan Lowe in The Wait Room - 2019, with music by Pamela Z
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