20 Jun 2020


Dancing Through The Seasons
Dear Aeriosa Subscribers,
Hello and Greetings from my home in beautiful Nuu-chah-nulth territory. 
The confluence of Juneteenth, Summer Solstice and National Indigenous Peoples Day calls for commemoration and celebration! As well, I think it is long past due for National Indigenous Peoples Day to be observed as an official holiday in Canada.
To my black family, friends and community; and to my indigenous friends, colleagues and neighbours: I am so proud of you and thankful. Your achievements, resilience, courage and creativity inspire me and make me determined to be a better leader and do everything possible to fight racism and oppression.
With respect and commitment,
Julia Taffe, Artistic Director, Aeriosa


Covid 19 has forced the entire world to press pause. Normally Aeriosa's busy creation and performance season transpires throughout the spring, summer and fall months. In light of the current situation, Aeriosa has postponed all  workshops, creations and performances until a later date.

Aeriosa's strength as a company lies in the connection we have with each other. Though we are in the midst of a pandemic and words like 'quarantine' and 'social distancing' are now commonplace, we strive to remain connected in the best way we know how....through dance. Over the last few weeks company members have been dancing together via Zoom, each in our respective living rooms. We have been meeting five times a week and developing a series of exercises not only for our own physical benefit but also with the idea of creating a curriculum. In this unique way we still manage to connect, socialize and share dance. 

Looking Back

June of last year Aeriosa hosted the first ever Vancouver International Vertical Dance Summit (VIVDS). Thirty-two vertical dancers and six choreographers from multiple countries participated in a wonderful 7-day event.

It was a massive undertaking and we came away having learned so much. Some of the challenges we encountered were readmore
Inspiration In The Arts
Julia Taffe's colleague and friend, Joanna Haigood, the Artistic Director of Zaccho Dance Theatre in San Francisco, creates work that expands awareness of historical and racial issues. Check out this link to see an example of their exciting work. One minute demo


Special Connections
What is your connection to Aeriosa?
I am Aeriosa’s new Administrative Coordinator! I am very excited to join such a dynamic group of people that creates such spectacular work.

What is the most interesting piece of art you've seen / experienced? 
I worked at Emily Carr University for over 18 years and have experienced a lot of art, from both emerging and seasoned artists. The Grad Show at Emily Carr showcases some pretty amazing experiences! If you’ve never been, I would recommend going.

What is one special thing about the place in which you grew up?
Part of my childhood was spent in Vanderhoof, BC and one thing I loved doing was watching the birds on the lake in front of my parents’ place, especially the pelicans.

What is the last book you read?
One of the last books I read was Dan Brown’s “Inferno” – I read that just before the pandemic struck and couldn’t believe how timely it was!

What was your first job?
My first job was at a fishing resort in North Central BC. It was a really fun summer job but it also taught me how to work hard and that sometimes you had to do things at work that aren’t very pleasant (like cleaning outhouses!).
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