31 May 2020




To our membership and supporters:
You are invited to our Annual General Meeting via Zoom

  • June 13
  • Sign-in 3:30pm. Business commences at 4:00pm 
  • Meeting ID: 983 5892 0157
  • Password: Rosas
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It's that time of year when we elect new board members and present our annual financials. It's important for us to check in with our community and a great way for you to show us your support.

Returning and new members can RSVP for the AGM and pay the $5 membership fee in advance at http://www.aeriosa.org
We always have a good time....expect a chair dance interlude in addition to regular business!  All are welcome to join us in learning Rosas danst Rosas choreography by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.



'Birds of a Feather Flock Together', is a centuries old proverb. If you have witnessed birds in nature you know this phrase holds true. You would never see a crow, a sparrow, a buzzard and a seagull flying together. It would be an unprecedented sight!

Aeriosa is in the research period of a new project called, 'Flocking', and has invited Deaf theatre artist, Landon Krentz as a collaborator. What kind of art and dance is possible if we do not all hear and speak the same language?

Featured Feathered Friend

Golden Crowned Kinglet
A true beauty recognized by it's golden crown and black and white defined face markings. This North American bird's favourite perch is high among dense spruce boughs or fir foliage.

Hardly bigger than a hummingbird, this rugged songbird spends winters huddled with other Kinglets in locations where temperatures can drop to -40 degrees Celsius! 
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