18 May 2020

Blue Lapis Light

Photo by Earl McGehee
Dear Blue Lapis Light Family,

This week we are pleased to feature, Belonging, Part One, our award winning, site-specific aerial dance performance that took place at the Seaholm District Plaza in downtown Austin in 2017 and 2018. 

The theme of this work explored our interdependence and relationship with the natural world as well highlighted what happens to people when their lives are suddenly changed by climate conditions or acts of war. Belonging, Part One featured five dancers suspended in harnesses from parking garage windows, performing over digital imagery of the beauty and destruction of our environment. A quartet of aerialists also performed on 120’ power plant stacks. Dancing on the ground performing the role of the climate refugees was an Ensemble of dancers.

We continue to honor all the nurses, doctors, hospital staff and technicians, front liners, truck drivers, grocery staff and to those helping neighbors, friends, the elderly and the homeless. 

For every 5 donations received, we will send a link of Belonging, Part One to frontline staff working at Seton Hospital, Austin Geriatric Specialists, and to Texas Nurse Association. 

In exchange for a donation of $25 or more, you will receive a link to Belonging, Part One, and help us meet our goal in reaching these organizations that provide vital, life-giving services to Austin’s most vulnerable populations. 

My deepest gratitude,
Sally pic & sig
Sally Jacques
Artistic Director
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