8 May 2020

Flyaway Productions

Thank you for your support of Flyaway Productions!
A Message from Flyaway's Jo Kreiter

A few days ago I took a distanced walk with colleague and friend Keith Hennessy, who went to a “Suspend Rent” protest in SF, where two housing activists occupied an empty house in the Castro, and were demanding the city to house all of its residents during this quarantine and beyond. He said that the protest was extremely performative, with the house, a woman talking out of the second floor window, a line of cops on the street below the window, and an “audience” of seasoned protesters there as witnesses. Hearing his description of the event reminds me how effective it can be, even in the time of this virus, to call out issues in public. Keith’s story reinforces my intuition that Flyaway is well poised to bring bold ideas to audiences, safely. And right where those issues live.

Deborah Fisher, Founder of Blade of Grass, recently wrote, “Art of the future does not have to be small” (See Article Here). While we are currently challenged by our city’s shut down and viral exposures, Flyaway is still scheming a project for the fall that will invite audiences onto the street, at social distance, to see issues of prison, confinement, race, and capture in new ways. 

When there is guidance and green-lights from the Governor and Mayor, we hope to see you on the street with us in the not too distant future.

In the meantime stay safe, creative, and connected, as best you can.

Jo Kreiter
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Summer Arts & Activism Program for Teens
Rehearsals and Performances take place
July 6-30, 2020

at CounterPulse, 80 Turk Street, SF

Applications Due: May 15, 2020
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Flyaway's Dance Film
The Wait Room

We are pleased to finally bring you the whole 14 minute film!
Jo Kreiter in Action
Flat Roof, Steep Hill

Check out what SIP means for Jo as she brings her roof to life in the Portola District.
Media Credits: 1) Photo by Austin Forbord of Megan Lowe & Yayoi Kambara during TENDER (n): a person who takes charge - 2018; 2) Film by Austin Forbord & Jo Kreiter of Clarissa Dyas, Laura Elaine Ellis, MaryStarr Hope, & Megan Lowe in The Wait Room - 2019, with music by Pamela Z; 3) Video edited by Megan Lowe of Jo Kreiter in Flat Roof, Steep Hill, with music by FR333.
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