25 Nov 2019


workshops led by ALICE DELVA
Contemporary Bungee Dance is a new way of dancing between air and ground using acrobatic elastics. This particular elastic rope is hanged to the ceiling and then connected to the person through a specific back hook harness for bungee dance. This setup allows us to move between the ground and the air with jumps and rotations.
At the boundary between contemporary dance and acrobatics, Contemporary Bungee Dance brings you into a zero gravity world.
The workshops are designed for beginners and intermediate levels of expertise in contemporary dance or circus disciplines. The aim of the workshop is to provide a technical basis of bungee technique, and to learn choreographies with a flow of jumps, rotations, pushes and receptions on the floor. During the two work sessions we will cover some basic technique principles and safety measures for the materials used in developing acrobatics and contemporary dance abilities.
Bungees are acrobatics tools that also increase our self-esteem. During classes moving as a pas des deux students need to trust both the bungee and themselves.