29 Dec 2018



Art + Nature as Medicine

Dear Friends,

As 2018 draws to a close, we send you our heartfelt thanks for consistently making our dreams real. From activating public spaces in major urban centers, to offering arts education in the hope of paving the way for a more compassionate future, to honoring nature and reminding us all of its critical role in our lives - your support of our work helps communities around the world deepen, honor the human spirit, and be inspired by the arts.

Looking ahead to the new year, all of us at BANDALOOP are achingly aware of the need to champion fiercely for our natural spaces as they become ever more scarce and precious.

It is with an eye to this need that we will return to our mountain roots in the new year, to create the third short film in our trilogy of dance in nature.

WATCH our just-released second film in this trilogy: Coyote Waltz

Capturing our duets with mountain faces and sharing them with our global audience: it is by casting this spotlight on the collective power of art and nature that we add our strength to the conservation movement.

This is one of the legacies that makes our vision exceptional in dance, and mountain film.

I urge you now to become part of our legacy.

Your support will go directly to our creation work and training. Our goal is within reach: $14,000, a dollar for each foot of mountain. $10,000 of this will be matched by generous BANDALOOP donors. Please empower us to share art and nature as medicine worldwide. The Facebook campaign is here, or click here to donate directly through our website.

The BANDALOOP family wishes you and yours a new year rich with joy and good health.

With love and hope,
Thomas Cavanagh, Executive Director, BANDALOOP
December 2018, Oakland, CA USA
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