7 Sept 2017

Blue Lapis Light

Dear Friends of our Environment,
Our earth is place of great wonder and beauty. Every animal, insect, tree, plant, mountain, desert, ocean, bird and human being belongs here. We are part of a great mystery, interconnected like the root system of trees, feeding and nurturing the other trees even as they themselves die off.
It has been said that when a butterfly flaps it wings it is heard all the way around the world. Every act of kindness and compassion lifts the heartbeat of all of us. Every act of war, and violence hurts us all. 
This is the time for us as citizens of this planet, to join to gather and create the world we want, where we all Belong, where we respect and honor our earth and one another. 
Blue Lapis Light's Belonging, Part One explores our interdependence and relationship with the natural world by highlighting what happens to people when their lives are suddenly changed by climate conditions or acts of war. I hope you will join us. The link for tickets is below.

      With Gratitude,  
Sally pic & sig
Sally Jacques, Artistic Director
Blue Lapis Light Aerial Dance Company

Seaholm District Plaza 
Performances at 8:15pm 
September 21-24, 2017 
September 28-October 1, 2017
Prime Seating $60  
Regular Seating $45 
Community Night is $20 per seat, Wednesday, September 20, 2017  

Ground Seating Available Each Night $20 Donation per person, Walk-ups Only
bluelapislight.org | info@bluelapislight.org | (512) 280-6688
Blue Lapis Light, P.O. Box 1821, Austin, TX 78767