27 Dec 2016


Course information
This intensive 4-days workshop aims to develop your bodily control and spatial awareness, deepening your understanding of aerial dance practice and gaining an insight into making and staging devised work, including the constraints and freedom offered by the aerial equipment and set design.
We’ll begin each day with a drop-in dance class led by Magalie Lanriot to prepare you for the day ahead. We’ll then introduce the sit (climbing) harnesses and equipment, before working on technique to have you moving seamlessly from the ground into the air and back again. You will work in solos, pairs and groups to experience a variety of rigging systems, confIgurations and spatial relationships, using guided improvisations to explore each new territory. We’ll begin this session with floor work before moving into aerial exploration. At the afternoon we’ll begin with a short daily intro on specific core strengthening and preparation for harness and move through basic orientation and vocabulary building towards learning jumps, somersaults, choreography and creative play on the wall.

Pre requisites
You must have previously attended an introductory level course or have some single point harness experience on the wall.
Please wear multiple snug layers around your hips & waist for your comfort, long sleeved shirts are also handy for some moves. 
If you have a preferred climbing harness and any kit (gri gris, rigs, carabiners etc), please bring them with you.

Lindsey Butcher & Magalie Lanriot

Lindsey Butcher
Since graduating from London Contemporary in 1984 Lindsey has worked with numerous dance, theatre & opera companies as a dancer, aerialist, teacher, mentor & choreographer.
Her dance credits include; Extemporary Dance Theatre, Walker Dance/ Park Music, Darshan Singh Bhuller, Vincent Dance Theatre & Siobhan Davies Dance Company.
Circus credits include; Ra-Ra Zoo, Gandini Juggling Project, The Dream Engine, Scarabeus, Momentary Fusion, Fidget Feet & Upswing.
 As a dance & aerial practitioner she has over 30 years of professional practise & has been creating vertical-dance for almost 20 years. In 2003, (after winning the Jerwood Award for Circus) Lindsey founded the aerial dance company, Gravity & Levity (G&L) to provide a vehicle for her artistic vision.
What drives her work is a passion & curiosity for combining dance & aerial suspension techniques to liberate & intensify the possibilities of each.
 Under Lindsey’s direction, G&L have created 3 full length touring aerial dance productions, an outdoor piece and several site-specific commissions and won the Dance for Camera award. G&L also founded & run the annual European Aerial Dance Festival in August & have just completed their 7th year.
The majority of Lindseys’ choreographic work in the last 15 years has been 'building based' vertical dance commissions & she teach master classes internationally.
She is also a founder member of the Vertical Dance Forum, a transnational group whose aim is to disseminate this practice & support the development of the art form.

Magalie Lanriot 
Magalie is a dancer, performer and teacher with training in contemporary and aerial dance. Currently residing in Lisbon, it was there that she discovered the world of the circus in Armazém 13 Circus Project, where she receives training, particularly focused on aerial dance. She performed with "Gravity and Levity" in "Rites of War"- UK Tour 2014, created by Lindsey Butcher and Darshan Singh Bhuller. In 2011 Magalie created her own company L’Envers du Pied and choreographed a solo and trapeze dance" Entre... moi" performing it at a number of festivals including: Les Festival Rencontres de la Danse Aerienne in La Baule, France (2012, 2013), Festivox in Bordeaux, France (2011), Malaposta Festival, Portugal (2011), Ficadance Évora Festival, Portugal (2011), Almada Dance Festival, Portugal (2011) and Festival of Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Arts, USA (2014). She is a teacher in the Olga Roriz’s company and works as a project assistant for the F.O.R. Dance Theater. She has also taught at the following festivals, schools and projects: European Aerial Dance Festival in UK; Les Rencontres de la Danse Aerienne in La Baule, France; Janze Circus Schools, in France and Armazém 13 project, Lisbon.
She is working in association with several studios, providing formation and research for aerial and contemporary dance in Portugal. 

Course fees

10:00 am– 11:00 am
Dance class with Magalie Lanriot
11:00 am | 1:00 pm
Harness technique and Creative harness lab with Lindsey Butcher  and Magalie Lanriot
1:00 pm | 2:00 pm
2:00 pm | 4:00 pm
Vertical Dance on the wall with Lindsey Butcher

Open on 15th January 2017 | contact mlanriot@yahoo.fr
On booking, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total fee is required. Your place on the course will not be confirmed until your deposit has been received.

By transfer to Magalie Lanriot
NIB | 0007 0000 000 5552 144 323 

Magalie Lanriot | mlanriot@yahoo.fr