29 Apr 2016

ZACCHO Center for Dance and Aerial Arts

Aerial Technique for Dancers:with Joanna Haigood

Dates: April 30th- May 7th, 14th. 11:00-1:00pm
Prices: $90 for the full workshop series/ 
$35 drop-in

This 3-day workshop taught by Zaccho Dance Theatre's Artistic Director, Joanna Haigood, is designed specifically for classical and contemporary dancers. Participants will combine their training in phrasing and poetics with the technical skills of aerial dance. Join us and find new ways to inform and expand your personal dance style with the exciting enhancement of aerial technique!

All levels welcome. Space is limited.
Dancing on Tissu: 
with Helen Dickson

Dates: May 7th, 21st, & 28th. 2:00-3:30pm
Prices: $90 for the full workshop series/ $35 drop-in

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for students to explore dancing on aerial tissu. Using this unique and challenging apparatus, we will learn techniques to climb, dance on, and descend from the tissu. As we focus on ways to move into and out of the apparatus and how to transition between moves in the air, the goal will be to create a cohesive phrase.

This class is suitable for beginning and intermediate students 
(no aerial experience required).

Zaccho is currently accepting applications from independent choreographers and small companies to participate in the 2016 Aerial Arts Festival. Apply online here. 

Application deadline extended to May 15! 
RJ Muna Photography; Pictured: Micah Walters of Capacitor
Donate your old iPad!
Want to help Zaccho, help San Francisco Youth, Protect the Environment and get a tax deduction?

Did you get a brand new iPad over the holidays even though you have last year's model sitting in a closet gathering dust? Recycle your late model iPad with us! A single iPad could save Zaccho thousands of dollars in staff time over a single year through streamlining our operations, and get you a tax deduction in the amount of its current resale value! With your donation Zaccho staff can spend more energy on serving the community. With efforts such as our Youth Performing Arts Program, which provides instruction in under-resourced schools in San Francisco, we impart the innovative performance work of a professional dance company as well as its foundational values of social responsibility, engagement, integrity and professionalism to the youth. So help us and our community out and let that unused iPad have life again! (minimum iOS 8 or above, contact christopher@zaccho.orgfor more info)
Community News
Zaccho Artistic Director Joanna Haigood is being honored at the San Francisco Housing Development Corporation's Gala on April 29th!

SFHDC is celebrating 28 years of working to create safe and affordable housing for San Francisco residents at our Annual Gala and Awards Dinner coming up on Friday, April 29th of 2016.

Tickets and more info at: http://sfhdc.org/gala-2016/

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