9 Dec 2015


Something to Ask; Something to OfferDecember 2015
“As the performers send stomachs fluttering while they zip up and down the wall, you realize the extent to which site-specific dance art has come of age.”
Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Chronicle
Flyaway has been nominated for two Isadora Duncan Awards this year for Visual Design and Sound/Music/Text for Multiple Mary and Invisible Jane. Congrats to Karl Gillick and Pamela Z and we hope to see you at the ceremony.
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In 2016, Flyaway is heading over to Fort Mason’s firehouse space to create “GRACE AND DELIA ARE GONE,” a site-specific dance exploring violence against women through the lens of murder ballads. “Grace and Delia” will frame a few chosen ballads through a choreographic lens, exploring personal stories of women who were killed for being pregnant, or killed in a rage of jealousy. We will tell the stories from the point of view of the women victims, rather than the killers, which is more often how murder ballads are sung. Flyaway is partnering with Fort Mason Center. Their site, an ex-military base, offers us access to the best of what we do-- making dances in unusual places, while exposing the range and possibility of female physicality. We need your help to bring this project into the world...
FLIGHT SCHOOL is coming around again
Saturdays 11-1PM, February 6 - April 2nd, 2016 (new day/time)
Flyaway and the Center for Dance and Aerial Arts are partnering to bring you our next flight school offering. Give the gift of flight to someone for the holiday, or better yet, give it to yourself!
This 9 week workshop explores dance making on suspended objects. We will find imaginative ways into the creative process, integrating flight, swing, spin and the content inherent in physical risk. We will dance on hanging umbrellas, poles, circles and half circles, as well as with rope and harness technologies. No previous experience required, though some dance/circus/climbing background is recommended.