2 Dec 2015


“Kreiter re-frames dance on the vertical with an explicit social justice angle: aerial dance as a metaphor for women balancing power and powerlessness.”

Hope Mohr, The Body is the Brain, 2014 

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Recently I heard Gloria Steinem interviewed on Fresh Air. When Terry Gross asked her to name the biggest challenges facing women today, her response was typically thoughtful and worldly. She spoke of the continuing need to obtain reproductive choice for all women, and to eradicate gendered violence in all its forms.

In 2016, Flyaway is heading over to Fort Mason’s firehouse space to create “GRACE AND DELIA ARE GONE,” a site-specific dance exploring violence against women through the lens of murder ballads. Historically, these ballads were a way of telling news in small, spread out village communities. The songs functioned as a warning to wayward girls or as tabloid gossip about women who stepped outside the lines of contained femininity. “Grace and Delia” will frame a few chosen ballads through a choreographic lens. We will tell the stories from the point of view of the women victims, rather than the killers, which is more often how murder ballads are sung. The firehouse offers us access to the best of what we do-- making dances in unusual places, while exposing the range and possibility of female physicality.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 3 women has experienced some form of physical violence within her lifetime. With this new work, Flyaway will focus on intimate, singular stories to ignite compassion in our audience. With vital collaborations from composer Carla Kihlstedt, designer Sean Riley,and Flyaway’s artistic team, we will bring domestic violence out into the open for public contemplation. We hope to buoy the long, hard work of activists like Steinem who are out in the world, actuating change.

We are looking to you-- our friends and supporters-- to help us pay our dancers, composer, designers and for the literal nuts, bolts and carabineers that hold us up. We cannot make dances without you.



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