14 Jul 2015



We're very pleased to announce that Scarabeus will be running a FREE course for young people aged 13-16 as part of Islington Summerversity 2015. The course will take place daily from 27-31 July at Caxton House, N19 3RQ (close to Archway Station) and will cover aerial harness and cocoon skills. To register, please contact lise@scarabeus.co.uk

For more information, see http://www.scarabeus.co.uk/summerversity-free-summer-aerial-course-for-young-people-27-31-july/ and for more about Islington Summerversity see www.izzy-info.com

Kickstarter - a huge thank-you!
Thank you to the 31 backers who helped us raise a total of £1,287 for our tour of BE-LOVED. It means so much to us to know we have your support. Rewards are on their way to backers right now, so look out for yours if you donated!

Dark Side of the Moon
Dark Side of the Moon, our Heritage Lottery-funded project with Parliament Hill School looking at the history of female astronauts, recently culminated in two days of live performances and a special celebration at the school. The websitewww.womenandspace.com will continue to be updated over the summer with video, images and samples of student work, so please take a look!

Wishing you a fantastic summer,

Lise Smith
General Manager
Scarabeus Aerial Theatre