2 Jun 2015


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Children's Aerial Creation Workshops
Begin next week!Kids summer camp 
June 8-12
June 15-19
June 22-26 
Week-long aerial kids camp for students ages 7-12.  Classes meet 10am-1pm, Monday-Friday.  Students learn aerial silks and work together to create  collaborative aerial choreography.  Each group creates a unique aerial piece and performs for friends and family at the end of the week. 

 Our first week of class is off to a  wonderful start!  Enrollment is open for Silks, Harness, and Conditioning Classes. 

Aerial Silks Sessions I, II, III, and IV  
Morning and Evening  class available.    

Private Silks Classes
Schedule groups for special occasions, workshops,  or one-on-one aerial instruction.  Available by appointment. 

Harness Classes
Swing around the studio!  We are pleased to offer harness technique.   
 Blue Lapis Light loves to dance on buildings and can now share the experience with you.  Harness work cultivates line grace,  awareness, and awesome abs!
 Harness Class Information and Registration  

  Aerial Conditioning Classes 
   Conditioning classes offer strength, flexibility, and preparation for aerial silks.  Climb on, sculpt your body with a fun form of weight lifting.

Classes will be help at the BLL Studio
For class inquiries, please call Blue Lapis Light 
(512) 280-6688 or email Nicole Whiteside, nicole@bluelapislight.org