28 May 2014

Legs On The Wall

Legs On The Wall

In just over a month, Patrick will be heading to Glasgow to start rehearsals on Perch, the large scale outdoor performance we are creating with Conflux and Lume Teatro for the cultural program of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. In the two years of planning and development for this production, artists from Australia, Scotland and Brazil have worked together in each other’s countries and via many late night Skype sessions to prepare for what is being described as a “carnival of flying and falling”.

Also working with us on the project are the final year Design students at NIDA. They have created a series of beautifully eccentric paper cut animations that will be projected on the buildings we are performing on and around. Involving over 200 artists, musicians and crew, Perch premieres in Glasgow’s fabulously named Rottenrow Gardens on July 19 with a second performance the following night. If you’re going to be in Glasgow, let us know and we’ll make sure you can join in the fun.


Our project in collaboration with ARTS OUTWEST and the CORRIDOR PROJECT will see us performing on and around the magnificent Canowindra silos in central western NSW. The project took some big steps earlier this year when designer, Joey Ruigrok, headed out to the region to hold design workshops with a number of different schools.

Working with Phoebe Cowdery and Dylan Gower, from the CORRIDOR Project, Joey introduced his highly original and inventive design approach to the students by asking them to think about what else the silos could be used for; over the course of several afternoons the silos were transformed into water slides, beehives and a winter wonderland amongst other things.

In the image below we think they have become a dinosaur egg, which doesn't seem to be deterring the performer from doing their thing.


This year we opened up the Red Box to public classes. Under instruction from the supremely talented Rick Everett, we have seen people of all backgrounds and skill levels mastering the art of handstands, tumbling and adagio in our weekly classes. These have been such a success that we are now well into our second term and are giving people the opportunity to get their own legs on the wall in our new aerial class. We are absolutely loving being able see participants in this class overcome their fears and fly. We can't wait for the next term to roll around!