7 May 2024

The Flock Project

 The Flock Project - Budapest 150 Premier

"As a nest-dweller! Seeking my home! Where is it? If I flew, would I find it?"

Budapest 150 2024. May 11.

The Flock Project is going to perform as a part of the Budapest 150 program series.
The show reflects on environmental challenges: costumes are made from recycled materials, including transformations of PET bottles and the utilization of waste. The production encourages awareness of our urban environment.

Vertical Dancers
Diana Adolf, Zója Drávai, Ágnes Simor, Bálint Turai Music
János Vázsonyi
Gabeetoo and Bala Szabo
Lighting design, stage design, technical director
Bala Szabon
Lighting and sound technicians, industrial climbers, technical team József Duksa-Kovács, Janka Nádas, Bala Szabon Company Manager-Director:
Ágnes Simor

The project is realized with the financial support of the Pro Cultura Urbis Foundation as part of the Budapest 150 memorial year.