4 Jan 2024

Helen Wicks


Hi all,

Helen Wicks Works has been rooting and reaching new depths and heights this year.

In this year end reflection, we invite you to engage with images from select 2023 public performances.

While performing has been primarily Helen’s solo work in 2023, it always takes a multifaceted team to produce live performance. Thanks to the rigging, lighting, production teams, audiences, patrons, and ongoing support!

In 2024, we will continue to bring diverse multigenerational audiences together to share perspectives, and connect despite differences.

Below is a brief recap and look ahead.

Spring 2023

Clown To Tower

at The Herbst Theater

Produced by SEVA Foundation, Camp Winnarainbow & Helen Wicks Works

Special thanks to Jordan Auleb and Zina Goodall and the Herbst team

Rigging by Dave Freitag and Andrew Castle

Top 2 photos by Robbie Sweeny

Summer 2023

Baby Lady’s Big Night Out

at Berber SF

In July, we presented low flying aerial dance in an intimate dinner theater setting.

Baby Lady, a name bestowed on Helen by Quincy Jones, is a character in development.

This creative process is in co-creation with visionary Saharla Vetsch.

Stay tuned!

Fall 2023

Saturn Landing

at Z Space Theater  

Saturn Landing at Z Space in November was a blast!

This was in collaboration with composer Simon Linsteadt who created an original sound collage score and performed elements live. The rainy skies miraculously cleared and we presented a new piece that traveled on a vertical timeline through eras of sound over 100 years. The piece was viewable from both inside and outside as Helen descended the exterior facade of mostly windows.  

top two photos by Kayleigh Shawn, bottom by Robbie Sweeny

Winter 2023

Skin Tone Color Collage

In January 2023 we developed a new process in combined creative movement and visual arts classes. In collaboration with 1st grade students at The Nueva School, the project blended skin tones mixing, color theory, collage, and embodied physical shapes invented by students.

Overlapping dance and visual arts curriculum development is ongoing!

Choreographing the New Year:

Collaborative Cartography

HWW is continuing to develop new collaborative work. We will be in research and development this Spring and look forward to sharing the process publicly in Summer, 2024.

Stay tuned for the form that the new work takes Summer, 2024!

Helen Wicks Works uses art and performance as a tool to hold multiple points of view at once using humor, courage, and collective envisioning.  

HWW remains committed to creating transcendent and spell-binding performance.

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All support goes directly to production costs.

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May we continue to work to understand each other, including people we don’t agree with, through compassion. May we activate the tools we have to dismantle systemic oppression at every level.

With love & solidarity,

Helen and the Wicks Works Team