10 Jan 2024

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Happy New Year from the Aeriosa Dance Society Team!

Looking Back at the Biennale of New Movement in Croatia!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Marko Lorenzo Blasov

The Aeriosa Dance team travelled to Croatia last September as part of The Biennale of New Movement (BNM) - an interdisciplinary international project led by author and choreographer Marija Šćekić, of Histeria Nova Artistic Organization (Croatia).  The BNM was a co-production with Aeriosa Dance Society (Canada), under the artistic direction of choreographer Julia Taffe.

Click on the image below to watch a video summary of all the BNM collaborations in the communities of Starigrad-Paklenica, Karlobag and Djakovo Croatia.

Biennale of New Movement 2023

Video Credit: Tome Marcina

Our first first tour stop was a site-specific exploration called ADAPTATION in Starigrad Paklenica in Dalmatia on the Adriatic Coast. From September 22nd to 30th we reunited with visual artist Sarah Fuller, and explored the geology and ecology of the Velebit Mountains with local artists, scientists and climbers.

Sarah Fuller led cyanotype printing processes with our artists to create large textile pieces and costume garments, imprinted with patterns of local plants. The items were toned to complement the cliffs in Paklenica National Park and then incorporated into a vertical dance site work exploring camouflage and performance as a means to talk about human and non-human experience of place.

Sarah has written two in-depth posts, which detail the creative process for Adaptation in Paklenica National Park, and the collaboration with Croatian painter, Sergije Mihic in the Kava Mediterranean Garden of Karlobag. The post about Adaptation features some stunning, photography of the cliff dance performance  in the Paklenica canyon. Check out the ‘In the Studio’ page on Sarah’s website, which can also be viewed through the button below:

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In 2024 this Aeriosa and Histeria Nova collaboration is to continue, unfolding in Vancouver and potentially, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

We are grateful to Dance Victoria for generously supporting our co-production by awarding Julia Taffe and Marija Scekic a 2022/23 Chrystal Dance Prize for international collaboration.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

2023 was the year for Podcasts!

2023 was the first year that Aeriosa has been involved in a number of collaborative podcasts, and was grateful for the opportunity to be listed alongside other diverse artists in the community. Artistic Director, Julia Taffe, the voice of Aeriosa, enjoyed connecting with, listening to, and being part of important conversations amongst the arts community. If you would like to catch up on any of these podcast interviews, they are available to listen to on all major streaming platforms such as spotify, apple podcasts and directly through the links below!

Listen Here
Listen Here


Register Here for Intro Class

Come join our next 5-class intro series at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre.


This beginner level class is designed to introduce the exhilaration of vertical dance while developing safety awareness and practicing rope and harness systems. During this progressive series, participants will be introduced to fundamental vertical dance skills by learning choreography and creative movement exercises.

A rotating list of Aeriosa Company Artists lead this fun class that builds core strength while hovering, sliding, swinging, tilting, rotating and tipping upside down!

No prerequisites required.

Whether you are a total newbie wanting to try out dancing on earth, in air for the first time or want to improve upon those skills you’ve already acquired, head on over to Roundhouse.ca to register!