21 Dec 2023

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Skill and Humanity
Your Gift Sustains Flyaway’s work in the fight for transformative, racial and gender justice.
“Deep gratitude for Flyaway’s commitment to shine its artistic light on complex issues that are often underreported and under scrutinized with awesome skill and humanity.”
- Audience member from IF I GIVE YOU MY SORROWS (2023)
  • $300 pays for one Petzl descender device, carabiners, and swivels for one dancer
  • $350 pays for the cost of 1 dancer rehearsing for one week
  • $550 pays for 10 hours of rigging
  • $1000 contributes to original set design and fabrication for one set piece
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Join Flyaway for our 1st Workshop of the Year!


January 20 - February 10
4 Saturdays, 11-1PM

San Francisco
For the first time since the pandemic shutdown. Flyaway is offering an apparatus-based dance workshop series spread out over one month. This is an all levels workshop for students who want to cultivate strength, trust, listening, inversions, and partnering with a flying object. We will dance on steel hoops, umbrellas, and poles, focusing on techniques, sequences and your own dance-making.
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Check out our fourth set of 1-minute excerpts of If I Give You My Sorrows, which premiered in October 2023.
Media Credits for If I Give You My Sorrows - 2023: 1) Brooke Anderson of Jhia Jackson, Megan Lowe, Sonsherée Giles, and natalya shoaf; 2) Brooke Anderson of Sonsherée Giles and Jhia Jackson; 3) RAPT Productions of MaryStarr Hope, Megan Lowe, Jhia Jackson, natalya shoaf, Sonsherée Giles, and Razelle Swimmer
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