17 Feb 2023

Il Posto Vertical Dance


Registrations are open for intensive workshops 2023

As usual, all workshops will take place in the same period and in the same place - a factor that has always made Il Posto Vertical Dance Centre a unique training experience. 

The VDC program includes international level teachers; we are pleased to have back some of them and we are looking for exceptional new entries: Joanna Haigood, Kate Lawrence, Juan Leiba, Antoine Le Menestrel, Roel Seeber, Lindsey Butcher, Simona Forlani, Wanda Moretti and many others.

The calendar is as follows:

- Vertical Dance Masterclass 

April 21-22-23, Advanced Level

- Performance and Creation

July 3-9. Intermediate/advanced Level

- On Site

July 10-11-12, Open Level

- Vertical Dance Intensive

August 25-26-27, Open Level

- Professional Training

November 17-18-19. Advanced Level

Vertical Dance Centre is the first space in Italy entirely devoted to the support, promotion and development of professional vertical dance and performance practice. It is a space of creativity and exchange, research and practice, artistic development and innovation. It is a meeting point for local and international vertical dancemakers.

The Centre is the result of the development of vertical dance in the last 20 years in Europe, it is situated in Marghera-Venice, Italy.

Il Posto Vertical Dance Centre operates in the following artistic programmes:
  • Dance, research, production studio and home for Il Posto Dance Company;
  • A professional support programme for professional dancers through classes, workshops, artistic residence and performance opportunities. Providing over intensive workshops, seminars for advanced and professional dancers, Vertical Dance Course (annual) and workshops for all level throughout the year;
  • Vertical Dance Teachers module (every 2 years: 2024)
  • An inclusive participation programme working with groups with a wide range of interests and abilities. We do vertical dance to secondary schools, university students and young refugees. We also bring groups of citizens to our studio for classes or to watch our company rehearsals.
  • We offer Vertical Dance Residences for National and International artists and Companies (Application by December).

Il Posto Vertical Dance Centre
Via Lazzarini 12
30175 Marghera-Venezia