7 Jan 2023

The Flock Project


The Flock Project / Hungary /


Place of the performance: Dombosfest, Serbia)

Dancers flying like birds in the air, acrobatic elements, accompanied by the music by Luca Kézdy, Dávid Szesztay.

The performance is based on the poem Dandelion by Frigyes Karinthy, in recycled costumes. The relationship between nature and man is in the foreground, while the vision is enhanced by the visual team of Gabeetoo and Bala

The vertical Dance is acrobatic dance combining elements of dance and circus arts elements, performed on a stage rotated 90°. On wall surface and high jumps and spins, runs, spins and somersaults. The performance is also based on theatrical dramaturgy and uses poem-texts.

The Flock Project’s vertical dancers:

Zója Drávai, Ágnes Simor

Fire dance: Zója Drávai, Bálint Turai, Ágnes Simor

Music by Luca Kézdy, Dávid Szesztay

Actor: Bálint Turai

Visuals by Gábor Gregovszky and Bala Szabon

Director-writer: Ágnes Simor