9 Jan 2023

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We're super excited for this year's Dissecting Aerial symposium which lands this weekend

In person tickets are still available, but if you can't wangle the travel at this short notice, don't forget you can stream into the event on one or both days by grabbing one of the discounted online tickets.

Join us from the comfort of your own home or from the studio with a couple of mates as a virtual hub.

Let us know if you have any questions, otherwise, we'll see you there!

Dissecting Aerial 2023 Tickets

Dissecting Aerial 2023

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 January 2023

Two days of presentations, talks and practical sessions that investigate the body in motion, particularly while flying. Dissecting Aerial 2023 will be live and in-person in Brighton AND live-streamed globally.

Showcasing practice, pedagogical and personal approaches to healthy and sustainable practice from aerial artists, researchers, body workers, medical and sports science practitioners from across the globe.

Join us in person at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts in Brighton, from your home or personal studio, or with a group of peers/students as a Virtual Studio Hub to listen and be lead through 12 different presentation sessions (with space for Q&A’s) from world renowned practitioners and speakers.

Maintain connections in-person and virtually, locally and globally and to celebrate what unites us: our mutual passions for aerial practice and to revel in the diversity of those.

Dissecting Aerial 2023 Tickets

Line up & Speakers

All the DA2023 speaker info is available on our website

The diversity of speakers and presentation topics this year is super exciting. There’s more in the pipeline, but confirmed so far are:

  • The theory of beats - Alex Allan
  • Dealing with fears and anxiety post-accident/injury - Jess Abouzeid
  • Handstand training as a useful injury prevention tool for aerialists - Serenity Smith Forchion
  • Somatic approaches to aerial practice - Danielle K Garrison
  • Aerial circus and mental health - Fleur van Rens
  • Pilates for aerialists - Debbie Robbins
  • What is Physical Literacy and what part does it play in holistic coaching? - Natalie Thompson
  • Physical literacy as the engine for well being - Dr Dean Kriellaars
  • The Kinstretch® method - Laura Pero
  • Empowering neuro-divergent artists and practice - *Aerial Mel Stevens
  • Climate change and the aerial arts - Mish Weaver
  • Inversion biomechanics - Emily Scherb
Dissecting Aerial 2023 Tickets

📷 Photos: Mark Morreau

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