12 Aug 2022

San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival


San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival now includes pre-show screening of the Love, a state of grace film

The RESURGE performances on Friday 8/19 and Saturday 8/20 will now include an optional pre-show screening at 7:00pm of the new film Love, a state of grace by Bryan Gibel and Joanna Haigood.

Filmmaker Bryan Gibel’s breathtaking cinematography captures Zaccho Dance Theatre’s remarkable 2022 performance at Grace Cathedral. The performance explores love and our common humanity using the vastness and beauty of the cathedral as backdrop. Learn more about the Love, a state of grace site-specific performance!

All ticket holders for the RESURGE performances are invited to attend the film screening at 7:00pm for free with seating beginning at 6:45pm. The in-person RESURGE performance will still begin at 8:00pm with doors opening at 7:40pm. The film screening is optional for no extra cost.
Join us for 3 Post-Show Artist Talk Backs!
** All post-show events are free for performance ticket holders

Artist Talk Back: Cast of The Rainbow is Enuf 
Cowell Theater, Friday 8/19 after 7pm show
Panel: Body Sovereignty for BIPOC in Circus and Aerial Artists
Festival Pavilion, Saturday 8/20 after 3pm show
Artist Talk Back: RESURGE Aerial Artists 
Cowell Theater, Saturday 8/20 after 7pm show