24 Dec 2021

Angels Aerials



A year full of wonders is drawing to a close....

"Impossible!" you think?
Well, a miracle is something different for everyone. 
Having a place to fly...
Starting the wonderland project with 29 kids and 9 artists* in the middle of the pandemic and believing that it will be performed....
To really put on stage the production of I in Wonderland AND to be nominated for the Cologne Children's and Young People's Theatre Prize with this very play...
...are just three of the small and big wonders we have encountered in this wondrous and wonderful year.
Once again we would like to thank all our friends, supporters, partners, patrons and sponsors who have made a large part of these miracles possible in the first place - and are thus themselves somehow a miracle. 
We would like to say goodbye to this miracle year with a song by BOSSE: 
A very merry Christmas to you all and a good start into a wonderful year 2022! 

Stay healthy - and believe in six impossible and wonderful things before breakfast! 


Look forward to a belated Christmas present - sometime between the years our Wonderland stream will go online!