16 Nov 2021

Helen Wicks Works


Hello there! 

Here is some November news. I look forward to engaging with you virtually or IRL as we head into the last chapter of 2021! 

Live performance this week:

Skybridge on Stevenson 
Thursday, November 18, 6-10 pm  (Season Finale)
Stevenson St between 6th and 7th, SF

"An Alternative Route to Unexpected Beauty in San Francisco"

A Helen Wicks Works original performance at 6 pm
followed by Hollow Eve and an incredible band featuring world renowned drummer Thomas Pridgen, bassist Giulio Cetto “The Jazz Thug" and Matt Wong on keys.

Come join me to dance in the street and cheer on a breakdance battle! 

And on another note...
a Helen Radio music video:

This song is based on my time training on the USA TOPs National Gymnastics Team at the former olympic team training center, The Karolyi Ranch, when I was 9-11 years old. 

This piece is in honor of the 265+ national team members and athletes subjected to sexual abuse by the former team doctor.
Archival footage of Helen and teammates in competition, 2001 - 2004.  
If you missed the Flyaway Productions show last month, here is an article about the show that was in the SF Chronicle and a great radio interview between Jo Kreiter, Rahsaan Thomas, and KQED: "Black-Jewish Solidarity for Prison Abolition, Expressed Through Aerial Dance" 
Bianca Cabrera, Laura Ellis, Helen Wicks / Photo by Brechin Flournoy / Flyaway Productions 2021
Helen Wicks Works (HWW) combines dance and socio-political perspectives in circus-informed aerial performance. Wicks Works performs in outdoor public and community spaces, igniting the imagination of inclusive multigenerational audiences to spark individuals’ imagination, collective envisioning, and spiritual relief throughout the pandemic. HWW sees performance as society’s medicine and aims to find and seize opportunities to make community and to perform.

You are invited to make a tax deductible donation to support HWW production costs & live performances?  Every little bit helps! 
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And in the wise inquiry of Deborah Hay,
"What if my body organizes itself in gratitude on a cellular level?"

Signing off for now,
First photo by Robbie Sweeny 
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